5 Easy Tricks of How to Care For Hibiscus Bush

Hibiscus plant has large and colorful flowers. There are yellow, red, white and peach hibiscus flowers. But the most popular is Hibiscus Sabdariffa. The red flower of this variety is most commonly cultivated for medical purposes and is available as a dietary supplement as well.

Now before knowing how to plant it, you need to know that hibiscus flowers have many health benefits, you know!

This Hibiscus flower is indeed not only able to beautify the garden at home, but is also useful for beauty and medicine. Hibiscus flowers and leaves can be made into tea or its liquid extract can help lose weight, treat stomach pain, high blood pressure, bacterial infections and fever. And the leaves of hibiscus that have been ground can be applied to the skin to heal wounds.

Hibiscus bush

Hibiscus flowers are made into tea, also called sour tea because of its sour taste. Hibiscus tea is made from a mixture of dried hibiscus, leaves, and dark red petals.

Do you know that hibiscus flowers can live up to 40 years? Yes, this plant is a type of bush plant that can last a long time. However, you need to know that hibiscus flowers cannot live in areas where the temperature is too cold. So, you need to make sure that the area of ​​your house has a temperature of 15 to 32 degrees Celsius.

If below this temperature, hibiscus flowers will not be able to thrive. So, if you live in a 4 season area, it’s best not to plant hibiscus flowers in winter! So it can be concluded that the right weather for planting is something you should pay attention to.

Selection of hibiscus seeds is an important element in the future growth and development of hibiscus.

Well if you already have this hibiscus at home. Come on, keep reading this about how to care for hibiscus flowers here so that they thrive and flower!

Knowing how to plant and care well is also very important so that hibiscus flowers thrive.

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Do not let you take care of it the wrong way and cause the plants that have been taking care nearly died instead of blooming as they should.

These are the steps that need to be considered when you want to take care of hibiscus flowers

1. Watering hibiscus

The first step in caring for hibiscus flowers is that you have to make sure the plants are moist. So, you need to water it regularly.

But you need to know, when watering, don’t let the soil get soaked, okay? It is enough to make the plants and soil moist.

When it’s summer, you need to pay attention about the sunlight. If the soil is nearly dry and the sun is shining brightly, it can cause the hibiscus plant to die slowly before its growth.

So when the hibiscus in flowering fase, the plant needs a lot of water. Hibiscus needs to be watered daily in warm weather. But once the weather cools down, the hibiscus just needs less water. In winter or rainy season, water the hibiscus only when the soil is dry.

2. Fertilizing Hibiscus

Growing hibiscus plants need a lot of nutrients in order to flower properly. In summer, use a high potassium fertilizer. You can use a liquid fertilizer once a week, a slow release fertilizer once a month, or you can add high potassium compost to the soil.

  1. Tricks to Protect Hibiscus from Pests and Weeds

We all know that pests are the enemy of any plant. If you find out the leaves on the hibiscus plant have spots or rot, take an insecticide and spray the hibiscus flowers immediately.

Well, on the other hand, if you find a lot of weeds growing around the hibiscus plants that you care for, immediately remove the weeds.

So that no weeds thrive around the hibiscus, you can add a layer of mulch on the surface of the plant. This is useful for inhibiting the growth of weeds around the plant so that the nutrients in the soil are not taken by weeds.

Besides being useful for preventing or inhibiting the growth of weeds around hibiscus plants, mulch can also maintain plant soil moisture. Yes, as we know, hibiscus flowers will thrive in moist soil.

So, mulch will be very important in maintaining and caring for your hibiscus plant.

  1. Pruning Hibiscus

Pruning the hibiscus plant needs to be done so that the plant can look neat and not like a wild bush. Not only that, pruning on twigs and branches can also trigger the appearance of more flowers. If you find any part of the plant that is damaged or dead, you can immediately prune and cut the part.

By cutting off the dead parts, it can provoke new shoots to appear. That way more flowers can bloom.

  1. Propagating Hibiscus
  • Stem Cuttings: This way, you can directly plug the old stems into the ground.
  • Grafting: If you choose this method, try to find a straight stem with a diameter of approximately 5 cm. Peel the skin and scrape until the mucus runs out. Then wrap the incision with soil and plastic, moisten a little after that tie the two ends tightly. Leave it until the roots come out.

Anyways, grafting is a common and easiest method for propagating hibiscus that you can do easily. Why? Because grafting method is known by many planters as the fastest way to grow new plants than you grow hibiscus from seeds. Well, that is basic ways of treating hibiscus flowers!

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