All Things About Snake Plant Facts You Should Know

Are you currently interested in the snake plants and are planning to plant them? Before doing so, what about reading these following facts about them so that you can decide that they are the right ones to be planted?

  1. The trifasciata species are the ones that are mostly available on the market because they grow faster compared to the other ones. This species has so many different shapes and colors, meaning you are able to get a lot of collection in case you want to find one of each.

Snake plant facts

  1. The snake plants are known to be pests resistant. It is true that there might be some mealy bug or spider mites, but these two can be easily controlled with the neem oil. To present something serious, you are encouraged to inspect your plants when you have time.
  1. The snake plants are originally from Africa, Madagascar, and southern Asia. These things are found in arid climates and tolerate extreme conditions. It is such a good thing because it means they are easy to be taken care of.
  1. It is important to clean the leaves. These things might not be visible but they are there and they are accumulated. In order to clean them, you can take a damp rag and slide up the leaves so that any dirty build up can be removed. Not only getting rid of the dirty things, it is also effective to get rid of any potential pests. There is a saying that a clean leaf is a happy leaf.
  1. When it comes to the air purifying plants, snake plants are on top of the list. Their uniqueness includes they actually release oxygen at night even with the process known as Crassulacean Acid Metabolism or CAM. At night, the only thing that they do is to open their stomata. They do it to avoid dehydration. The CO2 is captured and the O2 is released. They use the stored organic acids that can be used in photosynthesis during the day.
  1. Fertilizing the snake plants is not actually that important. The worm castings can be added in the spring and you can also feed them a complete fluid fertilizer twice during the growing season. However, please do not worry too much in case you forget about it because even if they are neglected, they can still grow well.
  1. There is a thing called sick building syndrome. For those who just heard about this term, this one refers to a medical condition where people who spend long periods of time inside buildings begin to feel sick for no particular reason. The signs of this syndrome include increasing in severity when they spend more time inside, and decreasing with more time spent outdoors. While it is true that this illness has not been yet to be proven true, a lot of people believe that it is true. The good news is that plants have the ability to help everyone to feel better when they are indoors as they are capable of eliminating toxins such as xylene, formaldehyde, toluene, and nitrogen oxides from the air. There are usually air circulation systems in most workplaces and homes. In addition to these, the plants like the snake plants are really helpful especially when the air conditioning systems are off at night. These green things are effective to clean the circumstance. Some things indoors like carpets, furniture, glue, sealers, and some other man made materials for homes and offices release fumes consistently over time and the existence of these plants can help to filter these dangerous things.
  1. If you want to water the snake plants, the best way to do it is to soak the soil until the water seeps out from the drainage holes. Do not forget to make sure that all of the roots have access to some water so please water them well.
  1. Snake plants are included as the plants with toxic. They are prohibited to be consumed. If there are some children or pets in your place, it is better for you to keep them away from them.
  1. Most people might not know the fact that the snake plant can sometimes flower. It is such a rare occasion and it will not happen more than once every year. According to some sources, it usually happens in the springtime and the ones that bloom are the ones that are placed outdoors all year long.
  1. The snake plants can live well in any kind of air. They do not need high humidity. While most houseplants will get advantages from higher humidity levels, the snake plants are so good at handling less than ideal humidity levels.
  1. Aside from tolerating any kinds of air, the snake plants can also tolerate any kind of temperature. They are fine with hot or cool. However, you need to take a note about one thing. Since they are originally from the tropical places, they are a bit sensitive to cool weather. When it is about to snow, please bring your plants inside. For the indoor temperatures, the best ones are between 60 to 85.
  1. The best soil that you can use to grow the snake plants in a well draining one. Feel free to make your own mixture if you want. You are able to use lots of pumice or perlite and you are also able to get a bag of potting soil and mix it with a bag of cactus soil. Due to the fact that the pure cactus soil is too porous, you are suggested to add enough compost to hold enough moisture so that there will get a little time to absorb the water that you feed.
  1. The best light for the snake plants is medium to bright. If they are trained, it is possible for them to be placed in the direct light. When the ones from the shady area are suddenly placed in the light areas, the issues will occur.

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