Alocasia Green Shield Easy Care

Alocasia is now commonly used as a favorite plant for flower lovers, why? That is because this plant has a unique shape as well and the beauty of its color and the price is relatively affordable with a very luxurious appearance.

Alocasia Green Shield included to the araceae family as same as Caladium and Aglonema, they are very easy to find and thrive, especially in tropical areas where there is high rainfall and warm weather.

Alocasia Green Shield

This plant has more than 70 species, even though it is one family with Caladium but Alocasia has differences that are easily to know, especially from the leaves. Alocasia leaves are thicker but Caladium is thinner and many kind of Alocasia color is green and Caladium which has variant colors. And when its viewed from the bottom of the caladium has tubers which will produce new buds as tillers but for allocasia the new buds will be separated from the main tuber.

Elephant Ear

Most of these plants must be placed outside the room but don’t exposed to direct sunlight, but there is alocasia that can survive to direct sunlight, namely Alocasia Gigantea well known as Elephant ear which is often used as an decorative plant in the yard of the house or garden because it can grow with a giant leaves that can enhance the beauty of your garden.

Net For Flower

But if you want to put this plant out of home, for example in the yard, give it a shade like a net so that it doesn’t get directly exposed to the sunlight that will causes burn and damage the leaves, because the character of Alocasia is indeed a shady place like the picture above.For the treatment of this alocasia green shield you can follow the following steps:

  • Planting media

Provide soil that can fast absorbing the water but contain humus. Or it could be with several types of planting media.

  • Size of the pot/ container providing

Provide or use a pot that is suit with the size of the flower / plant you are planting. Choose a pot that has good drainage. Usually in each pot before filling the soil, I always give a few small stones to make it easier to drain water in the pot.

  • Plant placement

As has been said above, this Alocasia Green Shield prefer to a shady place but still gets sunshine, but if you want to put it indoor, take it out to have sunbathe, for example twice a week.

  • Repot a plant

If your favorite plant has been thrived, it is better if it is replaced with a larger pot or divided into some pots, but how to repot the plant to another pot without killing them, you are able to do these following method.

More info: How to Repot A Plant Properly and Easy

  • Watering

Check out the humidity of the soil before watering them such as when it is nearly dry. But if it still looks wet, don’t water the plant with lots of water to avoid rot.

  • Fertilization

You can provide fertilizer from natural ingredients that are available in your kitchen, for example MSG that has been dissolved with water or NPK (Nitrogen, Fosfor, Kalium) this kind of fertilizer can be dissolved beforehand or sprinkled directly on the ground which can gives nutrition for several months.

Well those are some easy steps for plant lovers about how to care this Alocasia green shield plant, hopefully this will be useful.

Happy planting!

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