Best Grow of Snake Plant Cylindrica and Propagation

Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tounge is an ornamental plant that is quite popular to decorate the interior of the house because this plant can grow in conditions with little water and sunlight. Sansevieria has hard, succulent, and leaves with a tapered tip. It is known as the mother-in-law’s tounge plant because of its sharp shape. Compared to other plants, Sanseviera has the privilege of absorbing toxic substances, such as carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde and tricholoroethylene.

Sansevieria is divided into two types, and this is Senseviera Cylindrica, namely the type that grows elongated upward with a size of 50-75 cm and the type of short-leaved circular rosette in the form of 8 cm long and 3-6 cm wide.

Snake plant cylindrica is an evergreen perennial succulent species. they often grow in dense stands, spreading by creeping rhizomes under the soil in the wild, these plants are best choice for beginners who want to grow this type of mother in law’s tounge.

Snake Plant Cylindrica

The form of cylindrical leaves are the hallmark of africa spear plant. This plant usually called cylindrical snake plant. Smooth leaves has dark green in color, some other with green-grey variegation of these tubular. This plant has thick leaves and contains water so that it is drought tolerant.This  sansiviera can grow thrive as your expectation  in wet conditions but not too damp.

The African spear plant (Sansevieria cylindrica), also known as the cylindrical snake plant, African spear,Cylindrical snake plant, Spear sansevieria, Elephant’s toothpick  is a succulent that consists of upright, gray-green, subtly striped leaves. Their tips to a point leaves are narrow although the leaf shape is  cylindrical. Read also : Snake plant varieties

This snake plant cylindrical might send up a long flower spike from their center when its grown optimal,  that’s full of tiny white blooms which delicate. There is also any other beautiful type of this plant called Sansevieria boncel as known as spear orchid. This flower is lightly fragrant, however aren’t showy but are enjoyable, on mature plants cream-white flower spikes may appear.

Sansevieria cylindrica is tough enough plant that can endure in any conditions. You need to take care of these easy tips below if you want to see a healthy plant growing in your home:

Soil for snake plant cylindrica

The plant cannot tolerate a soggy potting medium for too long can cause the roots to rot so be careful to grow it in a well-drained sandy soil with peaty compost that does not retain water. As an option you can have a cactus potting mix. And be sure to empty the saucer of any excess water that comes through the drainage holes to avoid root rot.

Light for snake plant cylindrica

This sansevieria cylindrica prefers to grow in plenty of sun light. In the dark, it will not show too much growth. Placing it near a north-facing window or sheer curtained windows can be an option to grow them well indoor. it’s best placed in a bright light with shade in day time if you decide to put them outdoors because in growing season it helps the plant survive hot periods.

The plant naturally can not tolerate cold temperatures because naturally it grows in hot and dry areas . Anything below 50 °F will result in cold damage.

Fertilizer for snake plant cylindrica

Snake plant cylindrica don’t require much fertilizer and can live in lean soil. From spring to fall is good time for you to feed them with a succulent fertilizer diluted to half strength monthly. It is not necessary to give fertilizer during the winter.

Water for snake plant cylindrica

Dry out the soil between waterings. Watering them every week to twice in a week is quite enough. Watering roughly once a month should be fine during the winter months.

Repot snake plant cylindrica

If you placed snake plant cylindrica in low light conditions, they will slow growers. So you don’t need to repotting for quite a few years. However, if your plant has got overcrowded the container/pot, during spring you should consider repotting it.

This plant grows top heavy so a wider container is best.Then you can transfer the snake plant which overcrowded to one size larger pot than the previous one. Make sure you give the plant some time to settle in the new container before you can start regular watering as usual. As an adjustment step with a new pot, you only need to water sparingly.

How to propagate snake plant cylindrica

They grow with rhizomes. If you want to propagate the plant,they send offshoot that can be separated with a sharp knife . But, you need to wait until the stalks of the plant at least 6 inches tall.

Leaf cuttings also can be done. By removing a cluster rosette of leaves from the roots with sharp knife. Plant the cutting in a new pot. Just see that the cuttings are at least 2 to 4 inches and are planted upright to ensure their growth.

it’s best to keep them out of reach of cats or other pets because this plant contains poisonous saponins that can cause sickness.

Take note, to avoid growing too leggy you can place your plant in a spot where it can receive bright filtered sunlight so that it grows normally.

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