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Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa sinensis) is one of the most popular types of ornamental plants. In fact, this plant is often found in the yard of the house because it is easy to grow.

Hibiscus flowers can be several colors that makes them so beautiful. This flower also has a popular name “shoeblackplant”. Although the appearance of this flower does not resemble shoes at all, but one source states the reason why this flower is named hibiscus flower because in India, this flower was used as a shoe polish material and eventually became known as hibiscus flower in one of the countries.

Hibiscus originally comes from Asia and the Pacific Islands, but it is able to grow all over the world and spread over 200 species. The flowers consist of bright colors such as red, pink, orange, yellow, white and some are even bicolor. Hibiscus flowers come in a variety of sizes and colors, and what stands out most about this flower is its large crown of five tepals with clearly visible stamen heads.

Hibiscus flowers come in various colors and have different meanings. The following is the meaning of hibiscus flowers based on their color:

  • White symbolizes purity, beauty and elegance.
  • Yellow shows happiness, sunshine and good luck
  • Pink has the meaning of friendship and an expression of all kinds of feelings of love and affection.
  • Purple is associated with mystery and class.
  • Red hibiscus symbolizes of passion and love.

Now for those of you who are planning to have flowers that are easy to plant with low maintenance, one of them is hibiscus. This flower in addition to having a variety of colors is also suitable to add to the beauty of your home. Then, where can you get it? You can get it at the nearest nursery or buy it at online store. Keep reading this article for more information!

Hibiscus for Sale Online

One of the online stores that provides various kinds of hibiscus flowers is Springhills Nursery, you can visit the official website by clicking There are various kinds of plants that you can find.

List of some hibiscus for sale:

Midnight Marvel Hardy Hibiscus for $29.99

  • Huge blossoms on compact plant
  • Wine red foliage provides contrast
  • Tolerates wide range of soil types
  • Zone 4-9
  • Height 4 – 5 feet
  • Flowering Date Mid summer to Early Fall
  • Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade

Midnight marvel hardy hibiscus

Buds occur all down the stems not just as at the tips, blooms appear for a long period of time starting in midsummer. If you plant this hibiscus in front of the border perennial doesn’t need to be relegated to the back like other hibiscus might. Midnight Marvel hibiscus likes moist soil but adapts well to poor conditions. When you planted in full sun, the foliage of this hibiscus attain their most gorgeous wine-purple color.

Danica Hardy Hibiscus for $24.99

  • Zone 5-10
  • Height 6 – 8 feet
  • Flowering Date Summer
  • Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade

Danica hardy hibiscus

Danica Hardy Hibiscus syriacus known as Rose of Sharon is perfect if you like the look of tropical flowers, but need more care in colder climates. danica hibiscus syriacus is woody, and this hard stem will not die in winter, it is more resistant to cold weather. Ideal for planting as a colorful hedge, mass planting or specimen plant in a sunny location in your home. Unlike other hardy hibiscus flowers, due to its dual flower character, this cultivar will produce very few pesky seeds in your garden.

Summer Carnival Hibiscus for $29.99

  • A new cultivar with limited quantities
  • A cold-hardy, herbaceous, native variety
  • Zone 4-9
  • Height 36 – 48 inches
  • Flowering Date Mid summer to Early Fall
  • Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade

Summer carnival hibiscus

This summer carnival hibiscus has variegated leaves, which is unusual for hibiscus flowers. There is a slight touch of pink to the leaves, which complements the color of the flowers well. even though the pink is more noticeable on cooler nights, the pink tones are even more noticeable. This hibiscus is adaptable to many types of soil, except dry soil.

Dark Mystery Hibiscus for $29.99

  • Unique purple foliage
  • Extended bloom time
  • Zone 4-9
  • Height 5 – 5.5 feet
  • Flowering Date Midsummer to early fall
  • Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade

Dark mystery hibiscus

This hibiscus looks dark and mysterious but looks especially impressive with the dark cabernet foliage providing a beautiful contrast to the white flowers and the overlapping round petals are sure to captivate. Once the flowers are eye-catching, the rough, heart-shaped leaves and rounded habits will catch your eye. Dark Mystery is a beautiful breed and impact crop for the frontier. Or use it as a specimen plant or focal point of a large bed or container.

Well what are you waiting for? You can order any kind of hibiscus for your beautiful home or have it to give them to your loved ones.

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