Best Planting Media for Flowers

Hi guys, you want to have a beautiful home, don’t you? To make it comes true, Flower can be your choice but sometimes what we want is unexpected like the flower has problem. There are some ways to avoid the problem, soil selection is one of basics you can try.

These are 4 easy planting media you can get :
Cocopeat which made from outer husk of coconut is good for planting especially for Hydroponics. Some benefits you can get by using this media is avoid fungi. And it can keep the plants well hydrated because of absorption system but usually cocopeat can be found easily in tropic area or else you can made by your own. You can use it only or mix with soil.


Rice Husk are often well thought of waste material, but evidently it can be media for you to plant flowers because it can keeps the water or nutrition longer so you dont need to keep watering as often as you do, you can water the plant or flower when it nearly dry. Use the rice husk with soil “one to one” will be better.

Rice Husk

Compost is one of organic planting media you can choose. It is easy to get and good because it can improves the soil. If you like gardening and your neighbour have some goats, you can ask for their dung althought the smell is not good but its so usefull for ur plant.


Charcoal is made by heating wood with high pressure , it used to cook long time ago but today mostly people use it for plant, why? Because it has ability to maintain the soil moisture, be able to absorb gas so that your plant can keep fresh.


Anyways some tips above of soil may have good result as long as you follow the instruction when you choose the soil according to media planting availability in your area.

May this helps! Happy planting.

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