Care and Growing for Calla Lily Outdoor

It is actually very easy to plant Calla Lily, as those plants do not need much attention. These flowers will last for mid to late summer. You may commonly find those flowers in hardiness zones through 10. Even though those plants do not require too much extra care, planting in the proper area, especially outdoors, can be the most important thing.

The Calla Lily plants are proper to plant either indoor or outdoor. Generally, taking care of Calla Lily for indoor and outdoor activities are similar, but sure there’s many different ways in some ways. If you want to plant the Calla Lily outdoors, you should know what you have to do in taking care of these plants to make them grow better.

Calla Lily Outdoor

No worries! This post will show you some points that you must do when growing the Calla Lily outdoors. Let’s find them below!

Taking Care of Calla Lily Outdoor, Here’s How!

In the case of taking care of Calla Lily outdoors, it requires you to plant them in loose, well-drained soil. When you have a plan to grow them outdoors, make sure to choose the certain spot that has the loose and well-drained soil.

The plants of Calla Lily prefer to be planted in full sun or partial shade in warmer climates. So, if they are grown outdoors, you may need to water them immediately when the soil gets slightly dry. However, you should not overwater them as those plants dislike soggy soil.

The Calla Lily plants are typically grown in the spring. However, you should wait until the threat of frost has passed. Make sure to always check the soil warm enough before you plant Calla Lily.

They basically will start to sprout within eight weeks of planting if grown outdoors. All the Calla Lily needs is well-drained, porous soil. If you want to get a more excellent result, they must be planted rather deep, approximately 4 inches (10cm) and space roughly a foot (0.5 cm) apart.

After the Calla Lily plants are planted, the area must be watered well, as they will enjoy being kept moist. Give them fertilizer throughout the growing season.

For the care of Calla Lily, the two most important things are to keep them watered and fertilized. You may also need to spread adequate mulch around the plant in order to keep the area moist and free of weeds. Do not water as much as possible so that the plant does not die in the dormant period after flowering stopped.

When you grow the Calla Lily in containers outdoors, you need to stop watering and move them to a dark area after the foliage has faded. You can continue watering them regularly within two or three months. Even though Calla Lily can remain in the ground year-round in warmer climates, but you should also lift and place them in cooler areas.

How to Take Care Calla Lilies Over Winter?

Sure, you may need some extra care for Calla Lily over winter. In zones 8 through 10 in which the Calla Lily plants are hardy, you may be able to leave the rhizomes in the ground in order to bloom again the following summer. In this circumstance, the rhizomes may grow large and then you may also have to divide them every few years. However, if the Calla Lilies are not hardy in your region, you may need to do some following ways:

  • Make sure to replant new ones next year.
  • You should cover the area with thick mulch.
  • Dig up the rhizomes in autumn, commonly after the first frost and shake off any soil. To reach the latter, you may need to dig up the rhizomes and prune off all foliage other than an inch of stem.
  • Dry out for a few ways before placing the rhizomes for winter.
  • Make sure to store them in peat moss and located in a dry, cool area preferably in dark until the warmer temperatures return in spring.
  • Place call lily with damp peat moss for the winter in a box.

Well, those are all ways that you should do when taking care of them over winter. Or else read this to get more tips about caring calla lily in winter.

Otherwise, you can also select to start your plants indoors during late winter and then  transplant them outside in spring. Moreover, dividing the Calla lilies can be done during their dormancy period.

For the conclusion, growing Calla Lilies is pretty easy, as they need very minimal maintenance. Well, a great way to add any color to your area is by selecting to grow the Calla Lilies in the garden or as houseplant.

Pest and Disease Problem

In the case of taking care of Calla Lilies, you should also notice the Pest and Disease problem, as they are one of the potential things that can affect  your plants. Just like other plants, the Calla Lilies can also be the subject to attack by fungal disease like powdery mildew and botrytis.

To avoid them, make sure to always keep your plant foliage dry and have good air circulation. You can also use the fungicide to treat those issues. Some diseases such as root rot, bacterial soft rot and viral disease cannot be easily treated. To decrease those potential threats, you may need to pull off the infected plants and burn or also discard them.

You shouldn’t be careless about aphids, tiny round insects that suck up the plant juices and also encourage rge predatory insects like wasps and lady beetles. For an alternative way, you can also use a strong water spray to wash them off.

You may also need to use the hose that will also work to wash off spider mites, leaving webs on the plants. For spider mites and whiteflies, you may need to use insecticidal soap. Certainly, whatever the ways that you do to ward off pests and disease, make sure to always use the safe material to keep your plants healthy.

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