Cheapest Flower Delivery Service in California

Are you currently living in California and are looking for the flower delivery service around your area? If the answer to the question is yes, you might want to consider the list of the cheapest flower delivery service in California below.

  1. Sequoia Plaza Flowers

Address: 601 N Willis St

Phone: (559) 734-1455

  1. San Francisco Floral

Address: 5080 E Tulare Ave

Phone: (559) 268-0111

  1. Nanas Flower Shop

Address: 43 E Olive Ave

Phone: (559) 486-1746

  1. Sierra Nut House

Address: 7901 N Blackstone Ave

Phone: (559) 432-4023

  1. Sweet Dreams Cakes and Flowers

Address: 40114 Hwy 49

Phone: (559) 641-7606

  1. Wild Rose Floral

Address: 1450 Tollhouse Rd

Phone: (559) 326-0917

  1. Rosie’s Flower Shop

Address: 1419 Kern St

Phone: (559) 486-2262

  1. Elegant Flowers

Address: –

Phone: (559) 451-0431

  1. Mums N’ Roses

Address: –

Phone: (760) 914-2502

  1. Impulsive Flowers

Address: –

Phone: (858) 336-8383

  1. Red Lily Design

Address: 437 Old Mammoth Rd

Phone: (760) 934-0033

  1. Fleurie Flower Studio

Address: –

Phone: (559) 281-1093

  1. A Secret Garden

Address: –

Phone: (559) 297-0883

  1. Chase Flower Shop

Address: 1405 N Van Ness Ave

Phone: (559) 233-8631

  1. Clovis Floral & Café

Address: –

Phone: (559) 299-3101

  1. Simply Flowers

Address: –

Phone: (559) 276-1200

  1. Kiku Floral

Address: 3714 N Valentine

Phone: (559) 266-5480

  1. Flowers and More

Address: –

Phone: (559) 440-0920

  1. Avenue of Flowers

Address: 5558 E Kings Cyn

Phone: (559) 252-9200

  1. Sanger M&E Flowers

Address: 1348 Church Ave

Phone: (559) 875-5574

Feel free to make an order from any flower delivery in California that you want. Apart from those cheapest flower delivery services in California, you might also want to check out the list of the cheapest flower delivery services in the United States. Here is the full list that you can consider.

Cheapest bouquets

  1. Floom

Floom is included as one of the top flower delivery services right now. With it, you are allowed to order flowers, plants, and gift baskets from local, independent florists all over the country. To do so, all that you have to do is to enter your zip code, and then choose the variation of flower, occasion, and many more. In the end, the gift will arrive on the day that you want.

  1. The Bouqs Co

The Bouqs Co is known as a farm to table for the flower industry. Everything offered is from sustainable and eco-friendly farms across North and South America. What is good about them is the fact that they only cut what they sell, meaning there is nothing that goes to waste. On top of that, flowers usually last longer compared to the ones that you find in any grocery store. Another good thing is that with just spending $34, you have an affordable option.

  1. Teleflora

When the other ones pack your delicate posies into a box, the way Teleflora works is by teaming up with local florists to send every arrangement. There are a lot of selections of bouquets that include something for every holiday, occasion, and recipient. You can also send the one on the same day. For those who have a hard time deciding which bouquet to order, you are recommended to order the Deal of the Day. If you find it interesting, you can just pick the price point and the florist will do the rest of the process.

  1. FTD

FTD was founded in 1910 and it is one of the pioneers in the field. Sending a bouquet almost everywhere is an easy job for this company thanks to more than 35,000 florists in 125 countries that work with them. Aside from that, this shop keeps the pricing competitive. The bouquets for the Valentine’s Day star from $40. If it is not enough, you might also want to add on sweet treats like chocolate, cakes, and so on.

  1. ProFlowers

Just like a lot of nationwide floral brands, you are offered a wide selection of the blooms for the same day by the thing called ProFlowers. You can send it nationwide. Some old standbys can be found at affordable prices. For example, red roses start from $45. Apart from that, there are also some more unique options such as a juniper bonsai tree, a tulip garden, and a floral peace sign wreath. If you want to make something special, there is an offer to throw in a delicious cheesecake or succulent. With that, your delivery will stand out.

  1. From You Flowers

Do you have a limited budget and a short time frame? Do not worry. Fortunately, there are some cheap offers offered by From You Flowers. Some of these options can be delivered on the same day. If you want to make some arrangements, the price starts from $30. The main focus is the convenience factor, even though the design might be not that special. In this era, it is sure that there are some people who love a classic bouquet.


As you can see from the name, teams up with a lot of local shops in delivering arrangements every time they can. In case they do not have partnerships with the florists near your place, they will still do their job by shipping your order in a box that is wrapped like a gift. Actually, they are not the standard arrangements. Besides, you are also able to send live plants such as daffodils, mini orchids and fun fruit bouquets like an oversized margarita glass that is full of strawberries with chocolate.


Despite having an old name, 1-800 has taken their massive catalog online. For your information, this one is owned by Harry and David. In order to make the gift more special, you might also want to add a basket of fruit, strawberries that are covered by chocolate, and some other items to your order. This shop is basically the best one to sort out a stunning little present without having to spend too much time on it.

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