Does Calla Lily Black Really Exist and How to Care for

Have you seen black calla lilies? You may have seen them in social media and you see that they are unique. But, the question is, does black calla lilies really exist? If they exist, then how to care for them?

The Existence of Black Calla Lily

According to MV Organizing, the colors of calla lilies can be white, cream, pale, yellow, lemon yellow, bright golden yellow and shades of pink through purple to dark maroon which is almost black. Often the flowers have dark purple color at the interior base of the flower.

Calla Lily Black

The color of calla lily black jack is deep purple black. Black calla lilies are known as Zantedeschia as well and they are part of the Araceae family of plants. From a distance, you may see them as black, but actually they are deep maroon or deep purple. Originally, this plant was cultivated in the Middle East as an ornamental plant. The shape of the flower is like a trumpet and it is accompanied by oversized leaves. It also has a long stem so that if this flower is included in a bouquet, it will look outstanding.

As explained on Home Questions Answered, the black calla lilies are grown from rhizomes or root stock. After they are planted, they multiply and produce several flowers from one rhizome. Black calla lilies are rare. White calla lilies are the most common such as Black Crusader, Black Forest, Black Pearl and Captain Maori.

Buying Black Calla Lilies Bulbs

If you want to buy black calla lilies, you are able to buy them from the nearest gardeners. If you prefer to buy them online, there are some online stores that you are able to visit such as:

  • Garden Express

In this store, the product of calla lily black jack bulb is available from mid-June to August. The price is $12.50.

  • Holland Bulb Farms

Here, you can find Black Star Calla Lily bulbs. The price is $15.47 with 3 bulbs per package.

  • High Country Gardens

You can find Black Forest Calla Lily bulbs in this store. This calla lily is deep purple, almost black and they will bloom in mid-summer.

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The Symbol of Black Calla Lily

As you know that calla lily color symbolizes something. White calla lilies symbolize innocence and youth. Yellow calla lilies symbolize gratitude and pink calla lilies symbolize romance, love, admiration and appreciation. Purple calla lilies symbolizes loyalty, royalty, wisdom and admiration and red calla lilies symbolize courage and determination. Now, how about black calla lily? It symbolize beauty, elegance, and mystery.

How to Take Care For Black Calla Lily

It seems that taking care of black calla lilies is the same as taking care of other calla lilies. If you put them indoors, here are the things that you need to pay attention to.

  • You have to keep the soil moist, but you have to make sure that it is not soggy.
  • You have to give your calla lily bright, indirect light.
  • You have to apply liquid fertilizer monthly while they are in flower.
  • You have to keep away from heating and ac vents.
  • You have to reduce watering when the plant gets into dormancy in November.
  • The leaves must be cut off at soil level after they have died.
  • You have to permit calla bulbs to rest in a cool, dark area during dormancy.
  • Before the growing season, you have to repot annually.

If you plant calla lilies in warm climates, they will grow well in full sun or partial shade. In the areas which are cooler, they will grow best in full sun.

For your information, this plant is winter hardy in zones 8 – 10. In the areas which are colder, they are able to be grown as annuals. They can also be dug up in the fall and saved indoors and then it can be replanted the next spring.

If you want to plant calla lilies, you are able to do that in the spring after passing the danger of frost. If the climate is cold, it is better for you to wait until the soil has warmed to at least 65°F.

As explained on Longfield Gardens, depending on the cultivar, calla lilies can grow between 1 and 2 feet tall. So, it is good for the front or middle of a flowerbed.

Calla lilies are easy to arrange and if you put them in a vase, they are able to last up to two weeks. If you plant them in your garden, you are able to grow a wide range of different colors.

Planting Calla Lilies

How to plant calla lilies? First, you have to dig a hole around 3″ to 4″ deep. After digging a hole, then you have to set the calla lily into the hole. After you set it, you have to cover it with soil and then don’t forget to water it slightly.

You have to grow them in well-drained soil. Let’s say that you are growing them in containers. What you need is a quality growing mix. If you are planting them in a garden, you have to make sure that the rhizomes are spaced about 6″ apart on center. If you plant them in containers, they need to be planted just 4″ apart.

After you plant your calla lilies, around 2 weeks or more, there will be calla lily shoots which appear. When you find it, the plant will grow quickly. In the climates which are warm, they are perennial and usually they will flower in early summer. Let’s say that you plant them in the spring. Flowering will be delayed until late summer. In the growing season, it is better for you to give it a monthly dose of liquid fertilizer.

Do you find that the leaves have died back? If so, you have to dig up the rhizomes and trim off the foliage. You have to leave an inch or two of stem attached. You must allow the rhizomes to cure in a warm, dry place for some days. Then put into a box with barely damp peat moss. Save the box in a dark place at 50 – 60°F. You have to check once or twice during the winter. It is done to make sure the rhizomes are not too moist or too dry. In the spring, you can replant them. You can also do this process after the first frost.

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