Does Hibiscus and Honey Firming Cream Good for Skin?

You may want to try to buy a hibiscus and honey firming cream, but you still doubt whether the cream is good for skin or not. Here, we have some reviews from some online sources so that you will not doubt again whether or not you have to buy this product.

The Reviews of Hibiscus and Honey Firming Cream

According to Dr. Devika Icecreamwala, a dermatologist with Icecreamwala Dermatology in San Francisco, as cited from Quotes n Humor website, Hibiscus has great anti-aging benefits. It is because it has the ability to maintain elastin in the skin by decreasing the activity of elastase, an enzyme which can break down natural elastin in our skin. How does elastin work? Basically it works in tandem with protein collagen to keep the skin looking young. When collagen plumps, elastin works for the ability of the skin to snap back. So, when the levels of the elastin naturally decline with age, the skin will sting. In addition, Dr. Icecreamwala also says that elastin is what keeps our skin firm, youthful and less wrinkled.

Hibiscus and Honey Firming Cream

The creator of Native Nectar Botanicals named Jess Taylor says that Hibiscus is filled with vitamin C and it is important for the development of collage.

Hibiscus and Honey Firming Cream is a product which is natural. It was designed to be able to tighten, tone and firm the skin. In the cream, there are no harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients which can cause irritation, dryness and breakouts.

By using hibiscus and honey firming cream, it will make your skin look younger, firmer and more radiant. The cream has been made with the finest ingredients so that it can give you the best results. The smell of the Hibiscus and Honey Firming Cream is also good.

If you find that there are wrinkles which appear on your forehead, around your eyes and even at the corners of your mouth, you are able to try to use Hibiscus and Honey Firming Cream because it contains natural ingredients which can combat the signs of aging by tightening and firming skin. Besides, it can also help to reduce the appearance of redness because of inflammation or irritation.

Some Hibiscus and Honey Cream Products

There are some hibiscus and honey cream products that can be your choice to buy and use. Here they are.

  • “NuSkin Firming Cream Hibiscus and Honey”

This cream targets the sources of aging so that it can preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of aging. It can also help smooth the appearance of fat and cellulite. What else? Another thing that this cream can do for you is to improve the appearance of skin’s firmness so that you will have a more youthful look. Your skin will also be hydrated and smooth. If you want to get maximum benefits from this cream, you have to be consistent in using it. It is important for you to note that this product claims that it is not sticky and super hydrating.

  • “Hibiscus Honey Blow Dry Cream- Eden BodyWorks”

On the Amazon website, you are able to buy this product for $17.06. This cream can prevent heat damage. This cream will not only infuse the hair with moisture, but it can also help to protect strands from breakage and damage which are caused by heat styling. It can also reduce drying time. This cream can help damp hair dry faster. You are able to apply it to hair that is 60% air dried and then you can blow dry. Then,  see that the process is faster without having to damage your hair at all. It can hydrate your hair because it is made with honey, a natural humectant. This Blow Dry Cream can penetrate the hair with deep moisture which also helps to protect it by creating a barrier on the strands. From this product, there is no build up. Even though this cream can create a protective barrier, however the formula of this product is lightweight so that it will not leave behind buildup or flakes which will be able to compromise the look or feel of the final style.

  • “Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream with Hibiscus”

This night cream can help brighten and smooth the texture of your skin while sloughing away dead skin cells when you sleep and is fast-absorbing. This cream is infused with hibiscus extract so that it can treat the look of uneven skin tone and dullness which can make your skin look brighter. This product does not contain honey, but it contains hibiscus. Around the Hibiscus seed pods are found the exfoliating flower acids that rich in AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which can help refine the surface of the skin so that it can improve the appearance of its texture, tone and radiance. This cream can be used by any kind of skin types such as oily skin, dry skin or combination skin. On Target website, this product costs $11.99.

  • “Diva Stuff Hibiscus Lift Age Prevention and Firming Face Cream For Smoother Looking Skin”

On the Amazon website, you are able to buy this product for $13.57. This cream can combat the signs of aging without clogging pores. Also, it can help to normalize the production of sebum. Containing chamomile makes this cream can help soothe your skin. If you buy this product several times and then you find that the color of the product is different every time you buy, do not be panicked because the product varies in color from batch to batch depending on the shade of hibiscus flowers.

There are still more cream products which contain hibiscus and honey or hibiscus without honey in the market that have a lot of benefits for your skin. If you think that your skin needs the nutritions from honey or hibiscus as we explained above, you can try the products. 

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