Easiest Ways to Grow Chrysanthemum for Beginners

Chrysanthemum is a type of flowering plant from the Asteraceae tribe commonly called cut flowers or golden flowers. Chrysos in Greek means gold, while anthemon means flower. Chrysanthemum is often grown as a garden ornamental plant or as a pick flower.

This flower is the national flower of Japan which is known as キク(kiku). Because of its fragrant aroma, this flower is often added to tea to make it more delicious. The display of exotic sparkling flower colors makes this flower often used as a special flower to complement a gift or on certain formal occasions.


Because of its beautiful appearance, Chrysanthemum is identified with romance or the flower of love. A man who wants to get his girlfriend engaged, is often presented with Chrysanthemum flowers.

Curious to know more about Chrysanthemum flowers. Here’s a complete explanation of the history, types, benefits and philosophy of this flower!

The History of Chrysanthemum

Almost all natural species (Chrysanthemum spp.) originate from the plains of East Asia, especially in Japan. However, the historiography of cultivation was first carried out in China since 3,000 years BC. Karl Linnaeus, Swedish botanist who introduced Chrysanthemum to the West around 1753. This plant was brought to England in the middle of the 18th century by Robert Fortune.

Since then, Chrysanthemum has spread to European countries such as the Netherlands and others. In this century also, Chrysanthemum was developed in the United States by Elmer D Smith for commercial purposes.

No wonder that from the beginning, Chrysanthemum in America was used as a fashion decoration for many women, a complement to home and hotel decorations and a symbol of the strength of a lover’s relationship.

Variant of Chrysanthemum

There are many varieties of Chrysanthemum flowers that are cultivated by ornamental plant activists. All of them are developed generally for commercial purposes. Here are some types that are commonly found, some of which are the result of authentic crosses.

  • Chrysanthemum maximum (White Chrysanthemum)

Named local chrysanthemum or classic chrysanthemum because it comes from its original place, namely Japan. Its physical characteristics include light color and relatively easy to grow and adapt in all climates.

This species has larger petals with white petals and a yellow core. To note, the life cycle of this local species is very long, including 7-12 months of planting. Chrysanthemum maximum is one example. Besides being light in color, another special feature is the wide petals.

  • Chrysanthemum indicum hybrid

Unlike the local Chrysanthemum, this hybrid or cross does not have a long life cycle. Interestingly, this type has different colorful variants from the original type. One example is Chrysanthemum indicum hybrid.

In addition, this flower can also grow in various soil conditions. The flowering period is also long. It would be very nice if we could plant Chrysanthemum flowers in our yard.

For those who want to try growing Chrysanthemum flowers in pots, you can follow the method of growing Chrysanthemum flowers below.

How to Grow Chrysanthemum Flowers

How to grow Chrysanthemum flowers is not too difficult. Instead of lingering, just follow the method below, come on.

  1. Determine the type of chrysanthemum you want

Chrysanthemum flowers have various types, so the first way to plant Chrysanthemum flowers, you must first choose the type of Chrysanthemum flower you want.

What types are there? The following types of Chrysanthemum flowers are suitable for planting in pots:

  • Chrysanthemum pompon, is a Chrysanthemum whose flower shape resembles small balls like a pompom.
  • Chrysanthemum spider, this type is a popular type grown in pots. The strands of the crown are dense and long.
  • Chrysanthemum anemone, Chrysanthemum flowers that look like daisies, with only one or two rows of crowns around them.
  • Chrysanthemum daisy, as the name implies, this Chrysanthemum flower is similar to a daisy and the crown is only in a row.
  1. Planting Chrysanthemum Flowers

How to plant Chrysanthemum flowers next, you must choose quality seeds. In one pot, place 5-6 seeds so that there are not too many in one pot. You can put one seed in the center of a pot that already contains soil, then place the other seeds around it. Because we have to get a lot of full sun for optimal growth, we must place the pot in the right place.

  1. How to Water the Chrysanthemum Flowers

Not only is it important how to plant Chrysanthemum flowers, how to water Chrysanthemum flowers also needs to be considered.

Flush the Chrysanthemum flowers with enough water, do not let it pool because the roots will rot. For watering, just watered once a day in the morning. Do not water the leaves, just flush the stems and roots.

You can water it with a watering pitcher or use another plant sprinkler.

  1. Give Fertilizer

The next way to plant Chrysanthemum flowers does not need frequent fertilizers. Especially if the soil used has been mixed with fertilizer.

Ideally after two months of planting, you can start adding fertilizer with a period of once a month. If you can use natural fertilizer, yes, you can, so that Chrysanthemum flowers and the planting media are not contaminated by chemicals

  1. Light

How to plant Chrysanthemum flowers in pots, make sure the flowers get enough sun exposure during the day.

In one day, this type of flower requires sunlight for approximately 6-8 hours.

  1. Prunning Chrysanthemum Flower

If you are trying to grow Chrysanthemum flowers, don’t forget to cut the flowers regularly too. We can do this when the flowers have withered and dried. The goal is of course not to interfere with the circulation of water and nutrients that will be received by all parts of the plant.

In addition, the dry flower parts also reduce the beauty of other Chrysanthemum flowers that are in bloom. After knowing how to grow Chrysanthemum flowers, you must be wondering how long it will take for these flowers to grow.

The growth rate of Chrysanthemum depends on many variables. Different varieties have different growth rates and mature sizes. It may take several years dif you prefer tor grow this chrysanthemum from seed. Chrysanthemum grown from established garden center plants and divisions has a great start to the growing season.

Then for the survival time, there are actually three different types of Chrysanthemum blooms: early blooming flowers, mid blooming flowers, and late blooming flowers. Early blooming chrysanthemums often start blooming in late July, mid-blooming in September, and late blooming colors begin in October. Mostly for 4 to 8 weeks of them will continue to blooms although each variety is different.

There are many ways to prolong the flowering period of Chrysanthemum. Deadheading of flowers, fertilizing in spring and avoiding overcrowding will help Chrysanthemum flowers produce more flowers over a longer period of time.

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