Fix Your Morning Glory Not Blooming Here

Morning glory is such a pretty plant that produces the flowers that are full or colors. Besides the colors, the shape is one of the things that make the flowers prettier. As you probably know, the flowers have a shape like a trumpet.

The pretty appearance makes morning glory one of the most loved plants to grow by a lot of people. Talking about the flowers, they usually bloom in the morning and then fade when the afternoon comes. Due to the fact that it can grow even in poor soils and also loves to dominate the fence, morning glory is also known as invasive plant.

Your Morning Glory

Taking care of the morning glories is actually easy. However, it does not mean there is no issues when taking care of them. One of the most common issues is related to the flowers. As stated before, morning glories are planted for the flowers. Then, what if the wanted pretty flowers do not appear? If you are facing this situation, you can read the whole post to be informed about the causes and the method to fix the issue.

One of the causes that makes morning glory plant fails to bloom is the soil that is too rich. This plant can actually grow well even in poor or average soils. If the soil is richer than the plant needs, there will be more leaves than flowers. This case usually occurs in the situation when the soil is rich of nitrogen. For this plant, it is better for you to skip the manure and please avoid giving fertilizer. For those who still want to give fertilizer, you can select the one that has less proportion of nitrogen. If you have no idea which one to choose, you can consider bloom booster one that works wonder on this plant.

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Giving too much water also has been proven to prevent the bloom from showing up. Too much any thing is always not good. When watering, it is important to give enough water and to not overpour it. While overwatering is bad, letting the soil go bone dry or soggy is also not good. The best thing that you have to do is to give the water it needs. Please do it a week and do not do it too often as it can rot the root. Aside from that, the leaves will droop and turn yellow by consuming too much water. In this case, they will fail to absorb the nutrients needed for blossom formation. If needed, you can use your fingers to check the soil. When you see that the soil is dry to touch, it is time for you to water the plant. If you can afford it, get a soil moisture meter.

The next cause that makes morning glory plant fails producing the blooms is the sunlight. Sunlight is one of the most important things that can help the blooms to appear. The best kind of sunlight for this plant to bloom is the full sunlight. If your plant fails to bloom, you are suggested to observe the plant and check whether it gets enough sunlight. You can transplant it in case the plant is young and does not get enough sunlight.

Can you expect the bloom when you grow morning glories in shade? As mentioned before, morning glories are best to grow in full sun and there is no way for them to grow in shade or partial shade. If you want for them to grow well and bloom, it is a must for you to make sure that they get enough full sunlight for a minimum of 6-7 hours each day. If the sun is blocked by the tree, do not hesitate to prune the branches of the tree by using a pruning shears or pruning saw.

The lack of phosphorous can also prevent the morning glory plants from blooming. In this case, you are encouraged to test the soil and fix the issue accordingly. One of the factors above can be the cause of the phosphorous deficiency. If there are a lot of nitrogen in the soil, there is no way for the plants to absorb phosphorous. If there is more nitrogen than phosphorous or potassium, instead of flowers, the plant will produce leaves more.

If the soil does not have enough phosphorous, you can consider adding the type of bloom booster fertilizer to make the soil better. Some people have tried this and it is proven to help the blooms to show up. if you prefer the organic thing over the chemical one, you can add wood ash to the soil. Apart from providing the nutrients, wood ash also can be in charge of getting rid of the pests.

If you are wondering if your morning glory is not blooming because it is not old enough, it might be the case. Apparently, a young morning glory cannot open its buds so there is no way for it to bloom. If you are thirsty for the bloom, please be patient and the time will come. There is actually nothing to worry if it is the case. However, there is no guarantee for the blooms as there is a possibility of the plant that produced buds but they fell off without flowering.

The time of morning glory to bloom depends on the variety of the plant. The Heavenly Blue is one of the most well-known type that take longer time to bloom. 120 days are the approximate time needed for them to produce the pretty flowers. Actually, the time is worth the wait if you see the kind of beauty that you will get.

When waiting for the morning glory plants to bloom, the number one key is patience. If you assume that there is something wrong with your belonging, you can investigate it. If you are on the edge and feel helpless, it might be the best time to seek help from the professionals.

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