Forget-Me-Not Flowers Meaning & Why Are They Called

On this page we are going to talk about a flower called Forget me not. This flower has an interesting background in symbolic sense which reaches back hundreds of years. If you want to learn more about Forget me not flowers meaning and why are they called, so you are able to read this entire article.

Meaning of the Forget me not flower

Meaning of flowers are really important not only when you need to choose the right flower for someone you love, but it is also very important when you want to learn more about the importance of certain flowers in your culture. Of course, every flower has its own meaning. Those meanings are mostly based on the history behind a certain flower. Flower symbolism has come almost everywhere around us. Flower symbols are able to be found on products in logos and almost everywhere. For the biggest section, slower symbols were used in art and literature once people wanted to express how they felt and compare certain things to something as beautiful as a flower. The symbolism of flowers grew and changed with the passage of time and they started to become more popular.

Forget me not

Flowers have been an important part of people’s lives for hundreds of years until now. Lots of stories and myths were built around them. The Forget me not flower has some meanings. Here are they:

  • True love

The Forget me not flowers deputize true love. If you give someone this flower means that you truly love and respect this person. This nice flower might not be as elegant as a rose flower, however it has a strong meaning which overcomes its appearance and size. You are able to give this flower to your partner to surprise him to her and to show your emotions.

  • Fidelity

The Forget me not flower is a symbol of fidelity and honesty to someone you love. This flower will tell your loved one that you do not have an intention to hurt this person. Also, receiving this flower from the person you love means this person is faithful to you. This person cares deeply for you.

  • Long-lasting connection

This Forget me not flower represents long lasting connections that can exist between lovers and also friends. This flower is informing you that there is a strong connection between you and the person who is gifting you this flower.

  • Remembering someone

The Forget me not flower obtains its name after this meaning. It represents a flower that you give to someone once you do not want this person to forget all about you. This flower is a nice reminder that someone is special in your life and this person deserves to be respected. Even, there are stories linked to these flowers.

Forget me not flower – Color meaning

Need to know that the color of a flower will be able to have a strong impact on the symbolic meaning of a flower. The flowers are able to present in many colors. Or just one or two colors they can have. However having less colors does not mean that a certain flower is less important in a symbolic sense because they are able to have really strong symbolic meanings no matter how many colors they have.

The Forget me not flower comes in some colors and they are:

  • Pink

Color pink is a symbol of love, romance, and gentle emotions. You are able to give this flower to someone you love and respect. It is also a symbol of not forgetting someone you love. This color fits perfectly with the symbolic meaning of the Forget me note flower which represents eternal love and long lasting relationships.

  • Blue

The meaning of the color blue is a symbol of respect and trust. This color is closely tied with the symbolic meaning of the Forget me not flower. This color symbolizes remembering someone and having respect for this person no matter what she or he represents to you.

  • White

The meaning of white colour is a symbol of purity, innocence and spirituality. You are able to give this flower to someone who just had a child. Also, it can be used as decoration for weddings and wedding bouquets.

Botanical facts and characteristics of Forget me not flower

Myositis flowers known as Forget me not flowers are a plant which grows all over Europe. It has grayish, oblong tapered leaves. Azure blue fragrant flowers are assembled in the bloom. Usually, it is grown as a one year or two year old species. There are lots of cultivars that have been cultivated from the basic species. So, Ultramarine has dark blue, and Blue Ball indigo blue blossoms.

Young plants are planted in permanent places in September or October or in the spring. But, Forget me not flower best grows on soil which provides enough moisture. It contains an appropriate amount of organic matter such as dry leaves or compost. When they expand to several places they often go out. Planting is best in the rocks, for hedge trunks, for planting under bigger plants with bullets or tubers. For harsh winters, we suggest you cover the foil or pine cones.

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Forget me not flower – Secret message

We all know that every flower has its own secret message which we need to understand and know in order to apply it in our life. Flower symbols are able to make us think of certain things and also evoke a particular emotion in our heads. They are powerful and are able to make us feel a certain way. Also, flower symbolism is very important when we want to surprise someone we love as we cannot just give them any flower. This flower represents our emotions and everything we are feeling inside.

Frequently, flowers have a much stronger symbolic meaning than we think. Thus, it is always interesting to know more about them. The secret message behind the Forget me not flower is the message of never forgetting the people you love and to always show them how you feel. Occasionally, we forget to tell the people we love how much we care.

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