Get Rid Caterpillar with Home Remedy

Actually plants that look beautiful needs a lot of care and sometimes there are pests such as fleas, insects or caterpillars that ruin our plants. Then what should we do? Of course there are pesticides available on the market, but are there any home remedies you can make to get rid of them?

The flowers that I planted have been attacked by a lot of caterpillar pests, it was very annoying that causes problem of the leaves and flowers and make their growth not optimal even you will get itching if contact with the caterpillar.

Alocasia Clypeolata

Then what is the solution if there are so many caterpillar pests, making home remedies can be the steps you can take, its very effective to kill them without ruin our plants.

1. Provide 350 ml of water, add ironing perfume which contain Alkyl dimethylbenzyl ammoniumchloride 0.1%, then add about 1 tablespoon of starch to the liquid. after everything is mixed, get it into the spray bottle to make it easier for you to get rid the caterpillar.


2. Spray the liquid on the plant that is infected by the caterpillar, the pest will instantly die. You can do this again if needed.

Avoid chemicals as much as possible when pests attack our plants as posible as you could.

May this helps you.

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