Hibiscus Kopper King Care Easily

Hibiscus Kopper King is one of the most popular hybrid hibiscus varieties. The name of Kopper King is taken because it has copper-colored foliage which gives dramatic contrast against its big, pink blooms. The flowers can bloom to 10 to 12 inches where it can give a fantastic show in your garden. The common name of this plant is Hardy Hibiscus and the type of it is Herbaceous perennial.

How to Care Hibiscus Kopper King Easily

According to American Meadows, when you plant Hardy Hibiscus or Kopper King, it is better if you plant it in well drained soil which is amended with organic matter. It is because this plant will thrive best in this kind of soil. This plant prefers acidic soil. You are able to add acidity to the soil that you have by adding Peat moss or potting soil to your garden. What do we have to do if the soil is mostly clay? If so, you have to consider to plant Hibiscus in a raised bed. By doing this, it will help to eliminate water buildup.

Hibiscus Kopper King

When you plant your Hibiscus, you can dig a hole double the size of the pot and set the plant in. You have to make sure that the crown of the plant rest just at or above the surface of the soil. After that, press the new loose dirt around the plant and water. After you water it, you may see that the base of the plant shows. If so, add more soil. But, if you do not see the base of the plant after you water it, you do not need to add more soil. If you are planting multiple Hibiscus, you have to give space between plants around 2 to 3  ft in the garden.

Now, how about the location and light? Hibiscus Kopper King will grow well in full sun. So, it is important for you to note that this plant is slow to emerge in cold springs or early summers. Nevertheless, they still can grow in partial shade, but their growth and flowering will be disturbed. If you live in region which has very hot summers, when the hottest part of the day, you may need to put them in the shady area. You should plant Hibiscus along or in the back of perennial flower beds.

Now, it’s time for you to know about after planting care for years of growth. The first thing is about fertilizer. A lot of nutrients are needed by Hibiscus and there are some ways to fertilize this plant. You can fertilize this plant in the spring. When you fertilize this plant, you can apply a layer of compost around the base of the plant. Alternatively, you are able to apply fertilizer with 10-4-12, 9-3-13 or 10-10-10 around the base of the Hibiscus. When you give fertilizer to your Hibiscus plant, you have to make sure that you do not add it too much. It is because if you give your Hibiscus plant too much phosphorus, it will kill your Hibiscus.

How about the temperature? This plant is hardy to zone 5. This type of Hibiscus benefits from warm temperatures for bud growth. So, if the spring is cold or summer comes, the growth will be slower. If you do not want it to happen, you can keep it warm by applying a layer of mulch so that your Hibiscus will be protected in the winter and early spring.

What about the watering? This Hibiscus needs moist and soil which is well drained. If you find that this plant dries out to much, it will drop its foliage and the look will be like a bunch of dead sticks. However, if this happens, don’t be worried because it will re-bud.  It is the Hibiscus way to protect its roots system. When you water your Hibiscus, you also have to note that you do not over water or underwater it. If you plant your Hibiscus in a container, make sure that the pot has enough drainage holes. If not, your Hibiscus will be in water too long and as a result, the root will rot.

Does Hibiscus Kopper King need to be pruned? No, it doesn’t. However, you are able to shape it and the best time for doing it is in late fall or winter depending on your location. If you do not do it, your Hibiscus will produce new growth every year from the ground up. You can also prune your Hibiscus plant in early summer when your Hibiscus has started to grow. It is done to encourage branching and more flowers stalk.

Growing Hibiscus Kopper King in the Winter

How to grow Hibiscus Kopper King in the winter? There are several things to do as you can see below according to Home Guides Sfgate.

  • You have to cut back the faded stalks of your Hibiscus Kopper King in early winter. When you prune it, you have to do it at ground level or leave 2 to 3 inches of stalks. You have to clean the garden clipper blades and you can do that by wiping them with a clean rag which is soaked in denatured alcohol between cuts. It is done to avoid transferring disease among plants.
  • You have to stick a plant marker or brightly colored stake into the ground near your dormant hibiscus. It is better for you to avoid digging up or rototilling the area in springtime before the growth of hibiscus appears.
  • You have to add color to the hibiscus bed in winter and you can do that by transplanting winter annuals into the soil around the dormant plant after you have cut back its foliage. You are able to plant spring bulbs in the area. Dig the soil gently and carefully and you can do it by using a small trowel when you set in these plant visitors. So, the Hibiscus root is not disturbed. After that, you can spread 2 to 3 inches of organic compost over the area as mulch.

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