How Fast Morning Glory Will Grow

Before you decide to plant the Morning Glory, you may wonder how fast the plant will grow. It can be a reference for you how long you should wait for the Morning Glory to deliver something gorgeous with their vibrant colors. After knowing the time, you can start planting those beautiful flowers.

If you’re looking for information on how fast the Morning Glory will grow, you’re at the right page now, as this post will show you some important things related to the growing time and also the best tips for growing the Morning Glory faster. So, let’s find out what you look for through our post!

Fast Morning Glory

How Fast Morning Glory Will Grow?

According to some sources, the Morning Glory plants will rapidly grow up after being established, up to 15 feet or more in one season. They are known as the fast-growing annual vine that will grow and bloom within a short time. So, you can see the Morning Glory growing faster around your garden.

In fact, the Morning Glory Vine plants are in the same botanical family as sweet potatoes, though they do not generate edible roots. The flowers actually have a mild fragrance that hummingbirds and butterflies love to hang around, with their intensely colored trumpet-shaped flowers.

If you want to get the Morning Glory plants growing faster, you can then plant the plants from seeds a month before the last spring frost. Some gardeners find the Morning Glory plants too aggressive. So, if you also find it, you can pull out the unwanted seedlings easily.

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The buds of the Morning Glory plants will be twirled up tightly. They will only unfold when the sun shines in the morning on them. They will bloom anywhere starting from May through September that will open in the morning and close in the afternoon. So, it does not wonder if they are known as the Morning Glory.

For more information, the Morning Glory plants are annual, although they will come back yearly in some warmer areas and they will also reseed themselves in almost any zone where they grow in.

The Growth of Morning Glory Plants, How to Speed it Up?

Morning Glory plants are twining vines that can grow by clinging to nearby support with their tendrils belonging to the Convolvulaceae family. The plant produces trumpet-shaped flowers.

They will grow in several different colors. Sure, they will grow quickly and easily by preparing the seeds before planting. To make them grow faster, you should plant them in the correct guide.

As you know that the Morning Glories are the fast-growing plants, you may also look for some tips and tricks in order to make them grow as quickly as possible. No worries! We’ll give you a guide of how to speed up the growth of Morning Glories in an easy way. Here you go!

Step 1: Soak the Morning Glory seeds

First, you need to file the hard outer shell of the Morning Glory seeds. To speed up the germination, you must soak the seed for 24 hours in warm water. In this case, soaking the seeds will soften the hard outer shell for faster germination. Filling the outer shells before soaking will guarantee greater success for speedy germination.

Step 2: Start sowing the seeds

Before the garden soil gets warm, you need to sow the seeds indoors for about six weeks. You can also plant the well-established seedlings in full sun. If you want to grow the hardy seedlings indoors, make sure to plant the seeds in peat pots or containers with potting soil. Then, you can place them in a sunny window or under fluorescent lights.

You should also move them away from the cold window at night if you place the seeds in a window. Make sure to place them in a warm room for successful germination. If you can only place them in the cool room, you may need to place heating units under the growing containers. In this case, the heating units will be available over the internet and they may cost expensively

Step 3: Plant the Morning Glory plants

Provide a sturdy support such as fence or a trellis for the vine to climb after planting the Morning glories. Use well-drained soil and place them full sun area and sheltered from strong breezes for sure.

Make sure to cover the seeds of Morning Glories about ½ inch of fine soil. After that, you can also firm the seeds lightly and then keep them evenly moist to get successful germination. The Morning Glory seedlings will grow in about 5 – 21 days. If you see they already reach 1 to 2 inches tall, you can thin the seedlings to 12 inches apart.

If you begin planting the Morning Glories from seeds, to decrease the stress on the root system, make sure to use peat or other disintegrating pots which can be planted in the soil directly.

Once transplanting, to help the roots get established in their new home, you may have to water the plants for several days deeply. Then, during the gardening season, you have to feed them with an organic bloom fertilizer two or three times.

How to Take Care of the Morning Glories?

In the case of taking care of the Morning Glory plants, you shouldn’t prune them. Instead, you should remove the old flowers to prevent unwanted self-seeding before they form seedpods. The Morning Glories will also prefer fertile and well-drained soil. So, make sure to keep them moist until the plant is well established.

Even though fertilization is not commonly necessary, for successful growth, you can feed them with a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly during the growing season. Make sure to water them freely during the growing season and once or twice a week during dry periods.

For disease and pests problems, the Morning Glories are resistant to disease and pest, but they can occasionally be susceptible to white blister, stem rot, fungal leaf spot, rust and wilt. They may be disturbed by leaf miners, aphids, spider mites and caterpillars. Last but not least, deer will also eat the Morning glory leaves and vines, though the seeds are poisonous.

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