How to Care of Cactus

Cactus is a plant that is liked by many peoples who like gardening even it used as an option to decorate their homes. This plant with thorns are mostly live in the desert where it’s hot and dry, but they are also able to survive in the opposite place. Then do these plants need special care to keep them beautiful and long last?

How to care for cactus properly?

Everything that related to plant will need maintenance to make all part of plant well growth. Here are some tips of caring for cactus :


• Soil

The suitable media planting for this plant is soil that has been given compost and it will be good if we give them sand or coral stone on top to add its beauty.

• Sunbathing

Cactus really likes hot place, although in its original habitat it’s lack of watering the cactus will usually stay alive because of its ability to absorb the water which stored in the stem. But if you keep it as decorative plant, put the plant in the right place with indirect sunlight to keep surviving. Give them sunlight daily atleast 4hours.

• Watering technique

Even though the cactus is able to live in a dry place, it doesn’t mean they don’t need water. So water the cactus at least 2 times a week, do not make it dry or to wet because it will rot.

• Repotting

Cereus Cactus

Change the pot when it looks big, and if you have a cactus with a large size like the picture above, you can multiply this plant by cuttings the part that already look old gray so that later they may not suddenly die.

• Get rid of scale

Sometimes even though we keep caring about the plants, being infested by scale that look like spot of fungal is posible. But you don’t need to worry because there is a thing you can do to fix it, clean the part of the stem that has been infested by scale with dishwashing liquid mixed with water, use a cotton to clean the affected area. Use 1 tablespoon dishwashing plus 1 liter of water. Rub it gently and you may repeat until it’s dissapears.

It’s easy, is it? But whatever the plants are if something goes wrong while maintaning, it will make them damaged even die. So do care according to the type of plant.

Hope this helps! And happy planting.

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