How to Fix Plant that’s Turning Yellow

Plant lover, who will not get stressed if you see the flowers/plant are turning yellow. Have you ever bought the plants, they look beautiful at the florist but after we reached home and repotting the plant it may suddenly die. What should we do to fix the yellow leaves?

These are some easy tips to fix them:

• First of all you need to know the main causes of your yellow leaves because the plant or flowers has different character, there is plant which loves water, direct/indirect sunlight, also plants that can grow good and longer in summer or weather with high level humidity.

Plant that’s Turning Yellow

I have got some experience as long as i am planting the flowers. You can see the example of leaves above. It’s Aglonema Chinese Evergreen and grows so thrive at my home with indirect sunlight. When rainy season, i placed them out of the yard where they can get water more, but it was turning yellow. That’s why i told you earlier to know the main causes is important.

Actually if there is the yellow leaves, one of option you need to do is cut off the leaves because it can not be saved.

• Fix the soil structure, clean the pest or else change the soil then replant.
• Water it but don’t too much so your plant will not get stressed after repotting
• Observe the plant if it grows good till morning, you can care them by keep watering when the soil nearly dry, sunbathing the plant and give them fertilizer once in a month.

Note : If you found the yellow leaves due to some mistakes while its care, cut off the leaves one by one.

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