How to Get Rid of Pest in the Garden Easily

Who does not feel happy if our plants we care is growing well according to expectations, surely everyone will like them without exception. Even those who dont have flower as hobby will also admire the beauty of flowers as ornamental plants. Every plant requires good care, sometimes the maintenance is complicated, there are also those that are easy to maintain without wasting a lot of time. Plants themselves need nutrients whether it’s from nutrients in the soil, water, sunlight which helps the photosynthesis process and also fertilizers to thrive them.

Plants can also be attacked by diseases that cause destructive in the growth itself. Sometimes diseases in plants can be caused by various things. So for those of you who have problems with your plants, first identify the type of the disease / cause so that the treatment or pesticide to eradicate it was right, so that your plants will keep growing.

Devil's Ivy

Types of diseases in plants that interfere with plant growth. The pests that attack plants are usually animals.

1. Caterpillar

Caterpillars are pests that most often appear and disturb plants, especially they often perch on the leaves and eat up the leaves on our plants if left unchecked, as a result the plants will suddenlt die because they bother with the photosynthesis process which is a condition for the growth of these plants. You can tell if there are caterpillars with leaf marks that look damage by its appear because they are eaten by caterpillars.

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There are also two types of caterpillars, they are leaf eaters (spodoptera sp) and stem eaters (Noctuidae). Both must also be eradicated because apart from disturbing the plants you are also worried that they will get into the house.

2. Plant lice


Mealybugs are white lice that usually grow between the stems and leaves, usually these mealybugs attack plants that grow in lowland areas.

Shield lice are another type of flea pest that have a waxy coating on their bodies that is present in plants. Usually attacks the bone on the leaves.

3. Fungi

When the soil moisture is not well maintained or fulfill too much water and is not exposed to sunlight, fungus will easily come to the roots of the soil or else on the plant media itself. Apart from being annoying if left alone. Excess moisture will rot the roots.

Those are some of the pests that we most often encounter on our plants, so is there a way to get rid of them?

Ofcourse there are many things we can do to get rid of pests in plants, either naturally or chemically. With several types of pesticide that you can use to get rid this besides removing the affected parts of the leaves, because they are considered more effective.


Are powerful pesticide to kill pests such as caterpillars. Can be used about once a week for maximum protection.

Are chemicals pesticide that are poisonous and can kill pests such as spider mite.


Are a type of pesticide used to inhibit fungal growth and cause disease.

Above are just a few examples of pesticides, but it’s good to make your own natural pesticides at home as an option for you because it’s safer and you don’t need to go to the store to buy it. Generally, ingredients for making natural pesticides can be found at home.

You must not be hope the plants that decorate your home or private room are attacked by diseases, so make sure you have tried to protect your favorite plants from disease or pests to make them more beautiful.

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