How to Grow Jasmine Outdoor Easily and Care

Everybody knows jasmine flower has a fragrance that can attract anyone who plant them which close to home for example. This flower has many variants of the type that we can choose anyway depend of type you want. As I know Jasmine Polyanthum is the most popular due to has a fragrant vining species that sprout pink blossoms. Besides, many other type of jasmine are cultivated, such as primrose jasmine well know as Jasmine primulinum and common jasmine as known as jasmine officinale.. Jasmine flowers can be planted in yards, polybags or in pots indoor or outdoor. Such as orchids and roses, planting jasmine is not different as long as you follow the instruction. What you need is patience and well caring for this jasmine flowers.

Besides having a beautiful color by it looks, this flower also has a fragrance, so it can be a natural room or yard fragrance that can calm our minds. This time we will give you some easy tips and steps about how to grow jasmine plants and also care for them outside, in the yard as i told you ealier, in a pot and so on. By planting in the yard, you can plant even if you have land and can also move the flower anywhere you like. You can place it or put it indoors or outdoors. If you put it indoors, get the right time for it or take a few hours outside to put it in the sun. But if you place them uotside, you just need to keep checking the flower.


How to grow outdoor jasmine easily, keep reading this basic care instruction below


What is good soil for jasmine? The answer is weakly acidic. Well you can plant in clay soil for best results. Also, make sure the soil drains well. It should be moist, but not soggy or waterlog.


This jasmine including to tropical plant that loves full sun, . It will be perfect for a sunny windowsill. Even if you place them in shade area they can tolerate.


Water them regularly is a must, kept moist of the condition os soil, but make sure not to saturate its soil.


Being a tropical plant, the Jasmine plant is able to withstand temperatures and humidity, but will not survive cold temperatures and winters. When you start to grow Jasmine, keep the temperature between 60 to 75 ℉. After the plant has bloomed, you can keep the plant in a room that is cool, but not cooler than 41


From the beginning of spring through fall, you can add the fertilizer periodically You can use any fertilizer designed for evergreen shrubs.

Then how to grow jasmine flowers and also care for them easily in pots, not only grow outdoor in the yard, you can  see these steps:

Materials you need to provide to plant jasmine in pot/container

  • Pot (small or medium size)
  • Jasmine Flower Seeds / Plants
  • Tile / red brick, sand, and soil
  • organic fertilizer
  • sufficient air

How to grow well jasmine flowers in a pot:

  • A suitable container for the seeding process is a large pot or polybag filled with a mixture of soil and clean sand with a depth of about 20 to 30 cm.
  • Prepare a planting container, then you can add the broken tile or brick as the base in the pot. Then place the planting medium on it in the form of a mixture of sand + fertilizer + soil with a ratio of 1: 1: 1.
  • Fill the pot with the planting medium up to a third of pot. make sure the pot has well drainage.
  • sow jasmine seeds / jasmine plants into pots then add a little planting medium. water it sufficiently.
  • If you plant from seeds, place them with partial sunlight at the beginning of planting until the jasmine seeds germinate.
  • Make hole in the soil surface then you can move the jasmine that has germinated in the polybag/pot into the hole.
  • Compact the soil around the plant, then make a distance between the plants about 1 meter so that the plants can grow freely.

Care of jasmine flowers in pots

How to grow jasmine flowers is quite easy and low maintenance . After about age since planting, weeds can grow in pots so clean regularly once in a month. Watering must be done regularly every day, either in the morning or in day time. Fertilizer is also added regularly, usually once a month or once in two months if the size of the planting container is large enough. The fertilizer used can be organic fertilizer or compost.

Usually jasmine flowers grow creeper except for other variety. Therefore, you can prune periodically, especially when it’s still young and it grows quickly. It can be cut into many shapes. So that the growth of the jasmine plant is not excessive as well as the part that looks dry so that the jasmine flowers can come out and grow better.

Repotting once when it’s begun to outgrow its container, but you need to make sure not to damage its fragile root system in the transplant process. Then water the root first before you repot it, then pull it out. And dead leaves can be trim away, then replant and backfill with soil.

Mostly jasmine flowers will bloom when they are 7 to 12 months after the planting process. You can harvest this plant until the plant reaches the age of 5 – 10 years. Do the harvest process in the morning and evening, when the sun is not too hot and the temperature is not too hot.

Common pests of Jasmine are sucking insects such as aphids, are those whose feeding behavior entails piercing the plant material and eating the sap. There are also foliage insects like caterpillars and larvae of a variety of moths and butterflies which cause visual damage to the leaves of a plant. Fix it ​​by cutting the affected jasmine and spraying with insecticide

Well, this is the easy ways about how to grow jasmine flowers that we can convey to all of you. Hopefully this is useful for those of you who really want to grow jasmine outdoor.


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