How to Grow Monstera Adansonii Well Known as Swiss Cheese Plant Easily

Today decorative plant becomes an interesting activity, especially due to common hobbies that can give us many positif energy. Lot of flowers in this world can make your home more beautiful, one of them is Monstera Adansonii as know as Janda Bolong in Indonesia, Southeast Asia.

Well, right now i am going to explain about Monstera Adansonii or common names as Swiss cheese plant, this is tropical ornamental that can be stored indoor or outdoor as houseplant. If you give them support like moss stick in the pot, they will climb but if you dont, it will grow sprawl.

Monstera Adansonii - Swiss Chesee Plant
Monstera Adansonii – Swiss Chesee Plant

How to grow them easily?

Fisrt of all what you need is to prepare peat-base soil that you can buy in any plant shop, or else if its available you can use rice husk which mixed with soil. This plant will be very good if not exposed to direct sunlight. Water Monstera Adansonii atleast once in a day, don’t let them too dry or too wet.

Soil MIxed with Rice Husk
Soil MIxed with Rice Husk

Monstera Adansonii has simple care with no serious problem. And you can repotting the plant when its grown alot or less than one year so that the roots grow maximally. The point is keep sunlight intensity and soil moisture.

Happy planting guys!

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