How to Grow Snake Plant From Seeds Well

Seeds are part of a plant. But, how are the forms of snake plant seeds? Then, can we plant a snake plant from seeds? If we can plant it from seed, how to do it? Here, we will inform you about snake plant seeds and also some other things related to snake plants.

The Appearance of Snake Plant Seeds

If you have never seen the seeds of a snake plant, you are able to go to a snake plant grower or you can simply access your browser and find how the form of this seed is. The seed of the snake plant is round and small. The color is orange.

Snake Plant Seeds

Now, the question is, can we plant a snake plant from seed? Let’s find the information about it below.

Planting Snake Plant from Seeds

It is possible to produce snake plants from seeds. However, in most cases it is not worthwhile. According to Epic Gardening, there will be a lot of cultivars which will stay true to type through rhizome and root division. Seeds will tend to generate the original types of plant which were used to make the hybrid. So, it will not grow as the hybrid itself.

At germination rates, seeds are also unreliable. There are a lot of snake plant seeds which tend to have very low germination rates. So, we can conclude that it is possible to start a snake plant with seeds, but if you need a lot, division or cuttings are better.

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If you decide to begin planting snake plant from seed, you have to make sure that you have the best seeds and you buy them from a reliable seed supplier. Since you buy from a trusted seller, the price may be higher. Nevertheless, you will have a better chance of germination with an established seed company. If you buy seeds from a seller which is not reliable, there is a possibility that the seeds may not have been harvested appropriately. Even, there are a lot of sellers who try to scam others by pretending to sell snake plant seeds. When they buy it, the seeds do not germinate at all. So, if you decide to plant a snake plant from seeds, you have to make sure that you come to the right place to buy the best seeds. Also, you have to make sure that you know well how to plant it and take care of it.

According to Hawaii Horticulture, sansevieria are able to be grown from seed. However, the seeds are difficult to come and you may not get the shape and color of leaf that you want. However, if you want to grow this plant from seeds, Hawaii Horticulture also recommends you to use fresh seeds which have been cleaned of their fruit.

To grow a sansevierias from seeds, you have to plant the seeds in a moist-well drained potting mix. In three to six weeks, you have to see the seedlings. When it has germinated, then you have to treat them as you would any potted sansevieria.

The Best Ways to Propagate Snake Plant

The best ways to propagate snake plant are by leaf cuttings and division. How to do these ways to propagate snake plants? You are able to read the explanation below according to A Piece of Rainbow.

Propagating Snake Plant Through Leaf Cuttings in Water

If you want to propagate a snake plant through leaf cuttings in water, you are able to start it by cutting off a healthy snake plant leaf near its base. You have to make a notched upside down V cut at the bottom and then put the leaf in a clean jar of water.

You have to make sure that the level of water is slightly above the V cut. It is because the root will grow from the cut tissue. By using this technique, it will help to lift up most of the cut surface so that roots will have room to grow.

The roots will grow from the bottom of the leaf cuttings after around 3 to 5 weeks. Then, in another 2 to 3 weeks, you will see that there are small pups which start growing. Then, you are able to transplant the cuttings in soil. However, if you want it in the water, just let them keep growing in water.

Propagating Snake Plant Through Leaf Cuttings in Soil

You have to cut a healthy snake plant near its base. Then, you must allow the cut surface dry and heal for about 1 to 2 days. After that, the cuttings can be planted in potting soil. Make sure that you water it well and let it drain. Another thing that you have to make sure is that don’t let the soil get too dry or even too wet. It is because cuttings can rot in soggy soil. So, it is better for you to check on the soil once every one to two weeks. Then, water it if you see that the top 2” of soil looks dry below the surface. The leaf cuttings will root and grow pups same as the cuttings in water. They will become new plants.

Propagating Snake Plant Through Division

What is division in gardening and horticulture? It is a method of plant propagation where the root cluster of a plant is divided into two or more parts. The root and crown of each part stay complete.

You have to take your plant out of the pot or you can dig up a clump from the soil. Then, by using a clean and sharp knife or scissors, you have to divide the root clump. You have to make sure that each division has roots and some leafy top or pups.

After taking yout plant from the pot or dig a clump from the soil and divide the root clump, then you have to plant the divided clump in a new pot. If you want, you can also plant it in the garden. By using this method, it will create more room for new growth when they multiply.

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