How to Keep Alive of Potted Plant in Winter

Now gardening and planting flowers can be a fun thing for young people, even men are starting to cultivate the plants and this can be a profitable business opportunity. Even so, all of this is not far from all the obstacles, when plants are grow well and easy to thrive in tropical areas and during the rainy season or summer, then what should we do if winter is coming?

For you plant lovers, atleast you must have seen plants that suddenly die, this is due to many factors. It could be due to incorrect maintenance, poor planting media, lack of fertilization, and pests even though we have taken care of them as well as possible and also environmental factors such as weather, one of which is winter which is known as minus degrees celsius of temperature.


Generally, during winter the leaves and flowers will fall, only stems and twigs are left as a form of adaptation to reduce evaporation, but all that happens does not mean that the plants you have plant died but it will grow when winter has passed because the roots of the plants are still alive.

It’s just that everything depends on the conditions of the plant itself. During the cold season with such weather, you need to do some treatment or tricks so that they can survive in such situations.

Then how to solve that plants so it can be saved during winter, what are the tips?

  • It is better choose the types of flowers to be planted before planting the plants. There are annual and perennial plants.

Perennials are plants that are usually sold when spring or summer arrives because they are not durable / have a short lifespan. And generally have a more diverse variety of colored flowers, for example, begonias, geraniums and others.

Perrenial plants are plants that are capable for years / have a long life, for example dahlia flowers and others. In winter, perennial plants will usually remain dormant or doze off and if the roots are healthy, they will flower and grow again when spring arrives.


  • In winter, one of the perennial plants that is suitable to decorate your home, in the field or balcon is Roses.

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  • If the plants you have are in a pot placed in the yard of your house, then this season it is best to put everything indoor, including the flowers in the hanging pots. The temperature indoors is usually warmer than the temperature outside, at least that will help.
  • After all your potted plants are put indoor, you can arrange them as an addition to your home decor. When there is sunlight close to east-facing window, place them near the window to expose it to the sunlight. However, if there is no sunshine at all, don’t leave them near the window as the outside temperature will easily reach your plants especially if it has a lot of ventilation, it will dry out your plants and wilt.
  • When the season is so cold that it can freeze your favorite plants, turning on a lamp with a power of about 100 watts for a heating device can help increase the temperature of your plants, but you need to pay attention to provide a distance between the source of heater to your plants to avoid burning them.

When you live in a place that has 4 seasons such as winter, spring, summer and autumn, it is not like in countries that has two seasons only such as summer and rainy where you can plant any time but in countries with four seasons you can usually plant when it is spring and summer although sometimes both of season need specific types of flowers first to plant.

Hopefully this is useful.

Happy gardening.

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