How to Propagate Hibiscus Tiliaceus by Stem Cuttings

Hibiscus tiliaceus, many people really like this plant because its growth that does not damage the buildings and roads around them. In addition, hibiscus tiliaceus also produces beautiful bright yellow flowers.

Hibiscus is a plant that comes from the tropics around the Western Pacific region. But now it has spread almost throughout the Pacific region with various names, such as sea hibiscus, and coast cottonwood.

Hibiscus tiliaceus

Taxonomy of Hibiscus tiliaceus

Based on the binomial naming, hereditary plant species have the following scientific classifications:

Kingdom         : Plantae

Division          : Magnoliophyta

Class              : Magnoliopsida

Order             : Malvales

Family             : Malvaceae

Genus             : Hibiscus

Species           : Hibiscus Tiliaceus

Hibiscus Tiliaceus Morphology

Hibiscus tiliaceus is a species of the cotton tribe or Malvaceae. In some places, this plant is also known as sea hibiscus tiliaceus, and sea chestnut.

Content of Hibiscus Tiliaceus leaves

Almost all parts of the hibiscus tiliaceus tree can be utilized and processed into economically valuable materials. Hibiscus tiliaceus leaves, for example, contain phytochemicals that are useful for human health. Hibiscus tiliaceus leaves contain saponins and flavonoids, and contain at least five phenolic compounds. In addition, hibiscus tiliaceus leaves also contain levels of alkaloids, amino acids, carbohydrates, organic acids, fatty acids, saponins, sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenes quinones, steroids, triterpenes.

How to Cut the Stem of Hibiscus Tiliaceus Tree?

If you are interested in doing hibiscus tiliaceus by stem cuttings then know how to do it the right way. As it should be, the wrong way is less likely to give reliable results. Especially for those of you who are going to do plant cuttings for the first time, you definitely need as clear information as possible to be able to do it.

Hibiscus tiliaceus is one of the plants that can be easily cut. It’s really easy, and you can prove it for yourself later. However, all of these cuttings still require procedural information.

Tools and Materials For Hibiscus Tiliaceus Stem Cuttings

There are several tools and materials that you must prepare first before doing hibiscus tiliaceus stem cuttings. It’s not at all difficult to find these tools and materials, but you should be able to make sure these tools and materials are there before you do the cuttings.

For tools you will need pruning shears, a pot or polybag, and a shovel. As for the materials, what must be there are manure, loose soil, water, and stems of the hibiscus tiliaceus tree.

How to get or choose the right stem for hibiscus tiliaceus tree cuttings will be discussed next. But there are other materials that are optional but can help the cutting process. The material is sliced ​​red onion.

Hibiscus Tiliaceus Stem Cuttings

After preparing the tools and materials for hibiscus tiliaceus stem cuttings that have been mentioned, then you can immediately do the cuttings.

  • Preparing Hibiscus Tiliaceus Stems

The part of the hibiscus tree that will be cut down cannot be done arbitrarily because what is needed is the tip of the hibiscus tiliaceus tree branch. Not all stems on a hibiscus tree can be cutted, there are criteria that you must remember.

Make sure it can reach a length of approximately 30 centimeters from the part to be trimmed with the tip. Also make sure it’s about 1 centimeter in diameter. Because if the diameter is too large, the cutting process will be more difficult.

If you have found a stem with these criteria, then just trim it using pruning shears. Remember, cut the stem to a length of approximately 30 centimeters.

  • Soaking the stem Cuttings

This step applies if you do not do the cuttings immediately after getting stem. But if after getting for cuttings you immediately do cuttings, just skip this method.

You should remember this method if after getting the stems you do not have time to immediately do the cuttings. If so, then a container filled with water and slice ​​of onion. put the cuttings into it and remove them when the stems are ready for cuttings.

Preparing Planting Media

You can use pots or polybags. However, most people who do hibiscus tiliaceus stem cuttings choose pots over polybags. Then choose large pot or polybag, because several stem cuttings will be used later.

Loose soil and manure mixed 1:1. After mixed, put into a container for planting media. Water it with a little water to make it easier for the hibiscus tiliaceus tree to grow there.

The stems that you got earlier were directly planted into potting mix. The depth of the stem that goes into the ground is about three to five centimeters. The goal is that the branch does not shake or collapse when hit by the wind. Then clean the leaves from the hibiscus tiliaceus tree cuttings. Leave only three to four leaves.

Do you remember that planting media was used for several hibiscus tiliaceus tree cuttings at once? You don’t have to worry if one or more of these cuttings die. Because this is quite normal. After two or three months of cuttings, you can only move them to the garden/yard or another pot.

How to move it is very easy, you just need a shovel to take it out carefully and make sure the roots are not cut or left behind. That’s how to do hibiscus tiliaceus  stem cuttings, very easy isn’t it? Please note that this method of cuttings applies to any type of hibiscus tiliaceus.

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