How to Propagate Monstera Albo Node Easily

Monstera Albo is one of the unique plants. Something that makes this plant unique is because white complexion available in some parts of it. Do you have this unique plant and now you want to propagate it? Let’s read the explanation about propagating the Monstera Albo node below.

You Can Buy a Monstera Albo Node or Cutting

First, what is a node? It is the part of a Monstera plant where new roots and leaves and also petioles arise. It is usually circular and brown. Each of it has the potential to be able to grow one leaf and some roots. It is an important organ of a plant. If your Monstera Albo does not have a node, you will not be able to have a fully functional plant, but it is just a cutting that will never change into a clone of your mother plant. Nodes can control the growth of buds. What are buds? They are points where the new stems, leaves, shoots and flowers are arising from.

Monstera Albo Node or Cutting

You have to make sure that you have the best possible opportunity to be able to grow a Monstera Albo by checking the node from the seller. It is important for you to note that even though the leaves of Monstera Albo are very pretty, it does not mean that it will produce the same result when you propagate it. You have to determine whether a monstera node will give you a beautiful plant or not by seeing whether the variegation is expressed on the node. If there is the white color on the node, you will have a big chance to have a Monstera Albo which is the same as the parent with beautiful leaves. However, if you see that the node is full green, the possibility is that you will get the plant which is reverting and there is a very low possibility to have any white colors in it. So, you have to make sure to check the node.

You Have to Prepare a Monsteral Albo Node/ Cutting

When you cut your plant, you have to use a clean knife and you also have to use filtered water for propagation. Why? It is done to avoid bacteria from entering your plant which can kill it.

Prepare a Monsteral Albo Node/ Cutting

You Have to Root Monstera Albo Nodes/ Cuttings

If you have chosen a great node or cutting, and then do the best steps to ensure that the propagation will be successful, now you are able to start rooting your Monstera Albo node or cutting. In this step, it is recommended for you to use chemicals. If there is an aerial root, you can give some rooting hormone on it. However, if not, it is better for you to use SuperThrive which is diluted. You can put it in the water that you will use to propagate your node or cutting. You can do air layering or not. If you want, you are able to propagate by sphagnum moss.

You have to make sure that you put it in a warm area. By doing it, it will help to encourage the growth of the root. Besides, you also have to make sure to put it in a bright place. For your information, even though Monstera Albo is beautiful, the white parts of them do not affect anything for the plant. It needs longer time to be able to root and longer time for leaves to sprout.

The Brief Steps to Propagate Monstera Albo Node

From the explanation above, we are able to conclude that the steps that you have to do to be able to propagate Monstera Albo nodes are like explained below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to get a node or cutting which has roots.
  • You have to get a cutting with a lot of green on the leaf.
  • It is better for you to ask the seller air layer to propagate your plant before it is sold to you.
  • Now, you are able to propagate in your greenhouse.
  • It is recommended for you to propagate in the spring or summer.

Finding a Node in Monstera Plants

If you are a new grower, you may still have no idea where the node of Monstera is. You are able to find nodes where the leave, bud branch or twig is. In these parts of the plant, you will find  nodes. There are some other signs of a node as you can read below.

  • A piece which is knobby on the stem of a plant.
  • An area which has a thicker stem.
  • If there are scars, the scars can show where a leaf was.
  • The areas of a stem which are solid.

Some Other Things to Know About Propagating Monstera

Is it possible to propagate without a node? Well, it is not feasible to propagate without a node because a Monstera cutting needs at least one node for being able to propagate. We can imagine the node as a brain which has the blueprints for further plant growth. If there is no presence of a node, there will not be a new leaf which can form. Also, the cutting itself will not change into a full plant.

The cuttings of Monstera without nodes will be able to grow roots if you keep them in water for some months. However, it is important for you to note that these cuttings will not be able to turn into a full plant. You will not be able to get a clone of the mother plant with it.

How about Monstera cutting with just a leaf? Can it grow roots? The cuttings of Monstera which has at least one node will be able to turn into full plants. However, if there is no leaf, it will significantly increase the time until new roots and a leaf can be produced.  So, if there is only a leaf, it may be able to grow. So, you can try to grow Monstera plants now and good luck.

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