How to Put Devil’s Ivy Plant in the Aquarium

Plants in this nature can be categorized into several types, some must be planted with soil growing media, some are able to survive in both media, soil and water and there are also plant that are able to live without soil named aquatic ornamental plants that will grow by themselves. However, this is supported by the shape of the root and its morphology.

One of the timeless ornamental plants and demand by many people with affordable prices, beautiful shapes and colors that refreshing us name Devil’s Ivy. Besides being able to live with or without soil media, this plant can also have benefits. Benefits of Devil’s Ivy as air purifier when placed in the house. Not only that, this Devil’s Ivy is very suitable to be used as an ornamental plant in water such as an aquarium / aquascape besides in a vase.

Devil's Ivy in the Aquarium

If you choose the Devil’s Ivy plant to become an aquarium or aquascape inhabitant, it is not only beautiful but will make the habitat for the fish in it more comfortable, can release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, keep the water clear and can also reduce pollutants in the water.

Then how do you put the Devil’s Ivy plant in the aquarium:

Bio Ring

  • Provide a bio ring like the picture above which is generally used as a filter that must be in a series of filter boxes, now use one piece for one Devil’s Ivy stem as a support for the plant in the water so that the plant stays still in one place.
  • Actually, every plant will need a process for its survival, namely photosynthesis, but for aquatic plants, you can say that it is enough to use light from an HPL lamp if you put an aquarium in the room, although it is good to occasionally be exposed to sunlight. Well, take it easy, this plant is a plant that can last a long time.

Devil's Ivy Plant in the Aquarium

  • After that, you can put and adjust the position for a suitable place to decorate your aquarium, for example the corner in the aquarium. Look at picture above, Easy right?

Apart from Devil’s Ivy , what kinds of aquatic plants are suitable for adding an exotic impression to your aquarium / aquascape, this is it!

1. Water Wisteria

An aquatic plant that is easy to care for and has a bright green color and a wavy shape. This plant is suitable for being in an aquarium because it can be used as a shelter for fish besides having many benefits as an oxygen supplier.

2. Java Moss

Is a plant that lives by growing attached to a trunk or stone in the aquarium. Can add a natural impression, right?

3. Amazon Sword

Is a plant that lives in fresh water, can live up to a size of more than 20inches. The lighting required is quite needed. And its survival ability is good.

4. Java Fern

This plant is often found in places that have high humidity, such as swamps. For the aquatist you can put all parts in the water or only half of it. The Java Fern has several varieties, named Windelov, Lance leaf, Java Fern, narrow leaf and needle leaf. For lighting, this plant is able to withstand any lighting conditions.

5. Hornwort

These aquatic plants are able to live in a variety of water conditions. From its shape, this plant is suitable for shelter for fish, although it is not recommended to be placed in an aquarium because it will interfere with other plants by absorbing many nutrients in the aquarium so that other plants would lack of nutrients.

6. Anubas Nana

It is a plant that is much loved because it has easy maintenance and can last a long time with its exotic dark green leaf color.

7. Cryptocoryne Wendtii

For those of you who have an aquarium with a height of about 6inches, this plant is suitable for decorating it. The leaves will stretch down if you put them in an open room.

So, those are some plants that are suitable for the aquarium and to decorate the house addition. Of course, adding this will make your home more colorful and live.

May be useful.

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