How to Root a Monstera Albo Cutting Easily

If you want to propagate your Monstera Albo, you have to root the nodes or cuttings of it. But, do you know how to do it? Here, we will help you to do it by giving you the explanation of how to root a Monstera Albo cuttings or nodes.

The Steps to Root Monstera Albo Cuttings or Nodes

Before you root Monstera Albo cuttings or nodes, you have to make sure that you choose great cuttings or nodes and then take all proper steps to make sure that you will get a successful propagation. Now, you are able to root your Monstera Albo cutting or node. To root your Monstera Albo cuttings or nodes, it is recommended for you to use chemicals. If there is an aerial root, you have to put some rooting hormone on it. But if not, you can use something like SuperThrive. You can dilute it and then put in the water that you will use to propagate your cutting or node. You can do air layering or not. However, it is recommended for you to prefer propagation by sphagnum moss.

Monstera Albo

To be able to root well, you have to make sure to put it in an area which is warm. By placing it in a warm area, the growth of the root will be encouraged. In addition, you have to make sure that it is put in a place which is bright enough.

Sphagnum moss
Sphagnum moss

For your information, the Monstera Albo plants are very pretty. However, the white parts of it actually do nothing for the plants. So, you will have a little bit longer time for it to be able to root. Also, it will take longer for the leaves to be able to sprout.

The Things to Do Before Rooting Monstera Albo Cutting or Nodes

Before you root Monstera Albo cutting or nodes, you need to have the node or cutting of Monstera Albo. You can buy it in trusted places. You have to make sure that you have the best possible chance to grow a Monstera Albo. How to ensure it? You are able to check the node from the seller. You may be amazed by the beautiful leaves of Monstera Albo. However, it does not mean that you will get the same expression when you propagate it. You need to determine whether a monstera node will give you a beautiful plant or not by seeing whether the variegation is expressed on the node. It means that you have to see the white color on the node and they are not only being expressed on the leaves. If you see that the node is full green, the possibility of the plant is reverting and you may have a small chance to have leaves with whites in it.

After you have the best cutting or node of Monstera Albo, you have to make sure that you cut your plant by using a clean knife. Besides, you have to use filtered water for propagation. You have to do it because it can prevent bacteria from entering your plants and killing it.

The Steps to Propagate Monstera Albo Node or Cuttings

In the steps below, we give you the brief and simple steps that you are able to follow to be able to propagate Monstera Albo Node or Cutting.

  • The first step that you need to do is to get a node or cutting which has roots.

Root of Monstera Albo

  • You have to make sure to get a cutting with a lot of green on the leaf.
  • It is recommended to have the seller air layer to propagate your plant before you buy it.
  • Now, you are able to propagate it in your greenhouse.
  • It is good for you to propagate in the spring or summer.

Growing Monstera in Water

Is it possible for a Monstera to live in water? The answer can be yes and no. It is because a Monstera is able to survive for a while in water if the cutting has a node. House plants like Monstera can do best when we are able to replicate their natural environment. If you wonder whether Monstera can live in water or not, actually Monstera is not an aquatic plant. So, if you force this plant to live in water, it means that you force this plant to be able to adapt to circumstances that it would find in the wild.

Growing monstera albo in water

However, because Monstera is a plant which is adaptable, it can tolerate a variety of conditions. That’s why we are able to grow it successfully indoors. However, you need to note that even though Monstera has the ability to survive in water, this plant will not get as big as it should be. And even it will not be as healthy as a Monstera should be.

So, if we put a Monstera in water, how long can it live there? It is not easy to decide exactly how long a Monstera cutting can survive in water. Most owners of plants will try to remedy the situation if they find that their plant is not doing well. So, there are not a lot of examples where a cutting lives in water until it dies. If there is a Monstera which dies in water, it is possible that it also did not have conditions which are ideal for it to live such as the changes of water and added nutrients often.

It also seems that there are a lot of cuttings of Monstera which begin to show signs of stress if they live in water after two or three years. There are some cases where they are able to live longer, but it is not common.

Usually, people grow Monstera in water for a while because they have not gotten to plant it yet. Even though there are some owners of the plants to grow Monstera in water permanently. If you want to have a big and healthy Monstera, you have to make sure that you let it live in the circumstances that it is supposed to be.

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