Jasmine House Plant for Sale This Year

Jasmine is a wellknown by its beauty, aroma, and also has many benefits for health and beauty. Jasmine is one of the most common garden flowers.

Usually, jasmine is used to cover fences and walls of gardens or houses because of the structure they are having that fragrant-flowered shrubs and vines of the olive family. Well, Jasmine makes a great fragrant plant to gift.

You can really get the jasmine to grow at your own home, in the garden for example or even there is best variety indoor jasmine plant. You can plant them by cutting stem or sow the seeds. In fact, seeds from the grocery store in your area but not all stores nearby will have the jasmine seed varieties. To get excellent jasmine seeds, the only way you have to do is to look for the trusted grocery stores either online or offline.

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This post will give you some recommended online stores that provide varieties of jasmine fresh flower or jasmine seeds. Here you go!


There are a lot of kind of fresh flowers or bouquets that you can order in Amazon from a wide variety of florists. One of them is jasmine fresh flower and seeds that you are looking for. Just type the jasmine variety you want on the search box like picture below!

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This shop is also a recommended place that provides various types of flowers that can be obtained online and offline at 141 North St, Danielson, CT 06239, United States . And open for visitors Wednesday through Sunday then closed Monday and Tuesday for deep cleaning and plant care. For those of you who want to buy online the shipping might be delay due to pandemic, when you are currently processing orders within 3 days, carrier delivery time can range from 5-7 business days and beyond. So, if you want to get your order sooner, please consider expedited shipping.



You can buy jasmine online on eBay where there are lot of variant of jasmine that you probably look for.

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How to plant jasmine from seeds

Lot of people know that jasmine plants are popular for their fragrance and beautiful flower. You can plant this flower from cuttings or seed, relatively plant them are easily indoor or outdoor. Your jasmine plant can grow 8-10 feet high, though it is most hardy in USDA zones 6-10, if you do it right.

There are more than 300 different jasmine plants, and get the right one for your garden is important. Some types of jasmine are climbing vines and shrubs.

There is confederate jasmine, which is not a true jasmine at all but has similar small white flowers that produce a perfume. Watering regularly and placing it in a cool, partially shaded area will keep this plant grow well.

Many types of false jasmine are highly poisonous. Make sure to only buy a non-toxic variety, if you do have pets or children at home. The Carolina Jasmine is a good wall climber that has yellow fragrant bells display, drought tolerate and cold weather. This is a showy and strongly perfumed plant. But this Carolina jasmine is not true jasmine, and poisonous, should be kept away from children.

These are non toxic varieties, Jasminum officinale or grandiflorum . Jasminums sambac or Jasminums tisane are the best varieties if you plan to use your jasmine flowers to make tea . Night-blooming jasmine has fragrant white flowers that release their scent at nighttime and can be smelled up to 300 feet away.

Jasmine flowers can be pollinated by insects or human. Jasmine plants produce seeds like seed pods, which need to be watched carefully In the late summer, if you intend to plant them in order to produce seedlings. These jasmine seed pods suddenly can break open once the pod is ripe. The sign that it has ripened and is about to burst is the pod  which turning brown,

If your jasmine seed pods are ripening, wrap around the pods and secure them with ties gently and without damaging the stems. You will get them all when the pods do expel their seeds. Or you can buy jasmine seeds online by looking for at the recomended online store above.

If you are going to plant indoor jasmine, start seeds at any time. But plant the seeds in the garden, start your seeds about 6 weeks before your last hard frost.

First, make them slightly softer, by soaking the jasmine seeds in warm water overnight prior to planting. Then provide the soil mix, you can buy mix at a garden supply store or handmade by combining parts peat moss, perlite, and potting mix (2:1:1). Start plant the seeds and cover lightly with soil.

Seeds should be started in a seed-starting container, which is shallow enough to keep properly watered. To germinate them, keep the seeds at 70°F atleast 8 to 10 hours of indirect sunlight in a day. Mist the seeds daily by sprayer to keep moist soil. Usually, it will take for one month to germinate.

Once a seedling has reached 3 inches in height, the plant should be moved to a pot that mixture of soil and fertilizer or a combination of moss, bark, and fertilizer. Then plant them and water heavily. Once the jasmine has settled into the pot, watered regularly and don’t let them dry out.

Jasmine grown from seedlings way are vulnerable to a mold that causes the plant to develop black spots and rot away. Put your jasmine in the full sun area to prevent molds.

Start placing the potted jasmine outside when temperatures reach 70°F during the day and 50°F at night. At this time, you can move the jasmine directly into the garden or plant them in a pot. In the mid summer, Jasmine will start flowering roughly six months after germination. Water your jasmine two to three times per week in the hot summer months, make sure to keep the soil moist.

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