Lotus Flower Colors and Meanings Chart Details

Lotus is a flower which needs mud and water to grow and thrive, but it will not sink into it. This flower lives in calm and dirty water, where many insects and sources of disease live. The large leaves float on the water and are often used as a jumping off place for frogs.

The lotus flower represents beauty and also has different meanings for each culture, time, and place. This beautiful-crowned lotus flower, of course, has its own meaning and aesthetic value. Its vibrant flower colors include red, pink, purple, yellow, or white will look beautiful in the breeze.

Picture of Lotus Flower

Of course, each color of lotus flower symbolizes the different meaning even though the flowers generally symbolize beauty, purity, prosperity and also calmness. Well, to make them more understandable, this post will also show the outline of the lotus flower colors and its meaning in the form of a table.

The Outline of Lotus’s Color and Its Meaning

Sometimes certain colors of the certain flowers will add up a lot of the symbolism. However, the symbolic meaning of color will get transferred to the flower and it’s something even our ancestors looked after very much. So as with lotus flowers, it comes in several different colors in which each color has something special to tell about this beautiful plant.

So, let’s see the meaning of the lotus flower based on each color!

Color of Lotus Meaning
Red Lotus The lotus in red color is directly symbolized with love and compassion. The color of red commonly represents romance, love, sacrifice, passion, power and domination.

The lotus flower generally comes in a gentler color, but the red ones are considered as the love’s proof. This flower is usually given to someone which you love. Lotus is also often associated with the heart in general and our emotions.

Pink Lotus The lotus in pink color symbolizes harmony, romance, tenderness, relaxation and also affection. Those words are associated with this gentle and calm pink lotus. Aside from that, pink lotus is often associated with gentle nature and femininity.

This pink lotus is also well-known as the true flower of the Buddha. It means that this flower is the original flower which is the only lotus flower directly linked to Buddha.

In other words, the pink lotus is a legend which is actually telling about Budha’s ability to leave lotus flowers wherever he stepped and those were exactly the pink lotus flowers.

Purple Lotus The lotus in purple symbolizes the wisdom, wealth, royalty, creativity, dignity and extravagance. The purple lotus also comes as symbols of mysticism and a lot of link them with esoteric sects.

With the eight petals on a purple lotus, it is such a representation of the noble eightfold path that is one of the main teachings of the Buddha. However, the path leads to awakening and it’s also mentioned the noble truth.

Yellow Lotus The lotus in yellow symbolizes an important life philosophy known as the Middle Path that is the absence of form and emptiness, especially for Buddist. Likewise the yellow lotus totally marks a sort of middle ground between bright pink varieties and colorless white petals.
Blue  Lotus The lotus in blue color actually symbolizes the inspiration, sincerity, depth, wisdom and confidence. As we know that the blue color signs the rest and tranquility that can be a reason why people often use this color for their bathrooms and bedrooms.

However, this color of blue can be both weak and strong at the same time. The blue color is one of the most used colors in heraldry. Moreover, blue lotus is usually associated with the victory of the soul over intelligence and knowledge. For the Buddist, this blue lotus is always depicted as half open with the center of the lotus never revealed.

Black Lotus The lotus in black color symbolizes the power, authority, rebellion, death and sophistication. The black lotus also represents everything which is opposite to the light color one. Moreover, the rebellion against everything which is aggression, ordinary directed toward everything which is sacred and death which comes at the end.
White Lotus The lotus in white color symbolizes awakened mind or Bodhi. Besides, the white lotus has some symbols such as innocence, purity, heaven, illumination, spiritual perfection, goodness and faith. That’s why this white lotus is usually linked with the region which is used in religious ceremonies. This white lotus actually represents pacification of one’s nature and soul. For some cultures, the white lotus is depicted as the womb of the world.

Well, those are the lotus flower colors and its meaning in the form of a table to ease you finding the meaning of each color.

More Lotus Flower’s Symbols

The Lotus Flower’s Symbols

Aside from the colors of Lotus which have different meanings for each color, the lotus flower also comes in different regions and cultures with different meanings. So, how is the lotus flower represented in several regions? Let’s see them below!

  • The Lotus Flower Symbol for Buddhists

In Asia, the lotus flower has a very different symbol. Because it produces flowers and fruit at the same time, it is considered to represent universality. In a religious context, it is considered sacred by Buddhists and Hindus.

Lotus flowers of different colors have different connotations according to Buddhists. For example, the red lotus connotes love and passion. The purple lotus symbolizes mystical power, the white lotus symbolizes purity of the heart, while the blue lotus symbolizes knowledge.

  • Lotus Flower Symbol for Hindus

In the concept of Hinduism, the lotus flower is symbolized as a resurrection because at night (when it is dark) the lotus flowers will bud and will bloom again after being exposed to the sun. Apart from that, the lotus flower also symbolizes purity because even though it grows in mud, it still blooms beautifully without blemishes.

  • The Lotus Flower Symbol in Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, the lotus flower symbolized the unity of society. The lotus flower symbolizes “upper Egypt” along with the papyrus flower symbolizing “lower Egypt”. The ancient Egyptians also highly considered the existence of the blue lotus which represented “sun” and “rebirth”.

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