Monstera Albo Cutting Propagation in Water

Because buying other plants of the same variety / species is very expensive, maybe it’s time you think about how to expand the family, right? Why don’t you try growing a “baby” plant from one of your more mature plants. We think it’s a great time for you to substitute your time rather than spending your dollar to buy the plant.

So as for Monstera Deliciosa Albo Variegata, it will be better for you if you try to propagate it as the way to grow its plant family. In this case, you should think of cuttings as offspring of your mature plants to expand its family. The way here is commonly called ‘Propagation’.

Water propagation of monstera albo

You may not know before how to propagate in the water, how propagation works, and why you should propagate. Well, to know more about the  process of propagation, let’s see our post below!

Here’s the Guides to Propagate Monstera Albo!

This post definitely will guide you how to propagate Monstera Deliciosa Albo Variegata in water. Here’s how!

Things you’ll need:

  • Clear Glass Container
  • Indirect Bright Spot
  • Tepid, Filtered Water

How to propagate?

Step 1: Prepare a Monstera Albo Node/ Cutting

Firstly, make sure that you are cutting your Monstera plant with a clean knife. You can also use the filtered water for propagation. However, the filtered water is very important to prevent bacteria from entering your plant and kill it.

To choose a mature vine, you can choose it below the leaf or stem/vone juncture for a tiny brown root node. However, the tiny bumps are such a key to propagate pothos. In this way, you have to snip off  a couple inches of healthy stem right before a node and include a node or two with the cuttings. Well, here is where the new roots will come from.

Monstera Albo new roots

Step 2: Remove Any Leaves

The next step that you have to do is to remove any leaves too close to the node, especially ones that may end up submerged under water when you place your cutting into your glass container.

Step 3: Prepare a Clear Glass Container

Once you remove any leaves which are closer to the rott, it’s time for you to put the Monstera Albo plant cutting in water. To propagate the Monstera Albo, we recommend you to use Hilton Carter. This is a larger, wide vase as its stem would not have fit in anything else. Hilton Carter is well-known as an incredible wall of glass test tubes which hold all of his propagated cuttings.

At least, there are two major reasons why you should use a clear glass container. First, the clear glass will help you to track the progress of your cutting as it forms roots and when the water has to be changed. The second one, a clear glass will allow for more light to penetrate the cuttings and its roots.

You may already know that the color glass container will block the maximum sun exposure that the cutting needs and will also discourage root growth. If you use a colored glass, you cannot also know the health of your cutting’s roots once you move the nodes in the container. However, having a clear glass container will ease you in monitoring them without needing to disrupt.

Step 4: Use Tepid Water and Filtered Water

To propagate Monstera Deliciosa Albo Variegata, it’s better for you to use tepid water. Here, you can mix ¼ boiled water with ¾ room temp water. On the other hand, it looks like lukewarm to the touch. The temp of the water is like the water how you get into the shower. The tepid water will stabilize the temp of the cuttings in order not to be shocked by freezing cold water.

In the propagation process, you should keep away the tap water as no matter how clean & drinkable and still has levels of calciums and other things that indoor plants, the tap water cannot handle as well as humans. The only way that you should do is to boil the water in one or medium sized pots with a side-sprout. So it makes pouring flaming hot water into a small measuring cup or watering can be less dangerous for skin.

Step 5: Place the Cuttings Root of Your Monstera Albo in the Glass

Monstera albo in a glass

Once you pour the tepid water into a clear glass container, it’s time for you to place the cuttings root of Monstera Albo on it. Make sure to place them in the right position.

Step 6: Put the Container in Indirect Bright Source

Once you put the cuttings in your clear glass container, you can then continue to place it in a spot which can receive bright to moderate indirect light. Please, don’t place it in the wrong spot which has direct light or super-low light as it will kill off the nodes and dry it.

Step 7: Taking Care of Nodes/Cutting

After you do the steps above, the next way that you should do is to take care of the nodes/cutting. In the way of taking care of nodes, you have to check the root growth from the node on a weekly basis. You can also add fresh, tepid water at least 1 or 2 times per week.

You may try to spot murky water sooner than 7 days or if it begins to smell like moldy, gross water. However, the clean water will health the roots, so you need to stay in taking care of the nodes. If the water seems dirty, you have to change the water soon.

Aside from that, you also have to clean and rinse the algae out of the glass vessel container too. However, the roots and cutting will be fine outside of its water source for a few minutes. To note, in washing the glass vessel, please don’t use soap to prevent the soap bubbles from entering the glass container. You just need a paper towel/ bottle brush and also filtered water to scrub away the hard-to-reach algae from the bottom and sides.

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