Morning Glory Tea Benefits You Have to Know

You may like to see morning glory in your garden. Or, when you are walking in the park, you may see morning glory flowers and they are beautiful with some variations of colors. But, have you consumed Morning Glory tea? If you have not, you may be able to try it because morning glory tea has a number of benefits.

Benefits of Morning Glory Tea

Before knowing the benefits of morning glory tea, it is important for you to know how to make morning glory tea. It is very easy to make morning glory tea. You just have to dry the petals of morning glory. You do not need to use any types of machinery. So, you can dry the petals and if you want, you are able to grind them. After That, you can add water and whatever flavors that you like.

Benefits of Morning Glory

Morning glory has a number of medicinal benefits and usually they are used in Asian households. Morning glory tea is one of the best herbal medicines because it has a number of benefits as you are able to see below according to the Gardening Aid.

Morning Glory Tea

  • Morning glory tea can be used to treat stomach ache.

In China, morning glory tea is used widely to treat stomach ailments. And now, the use of this tea is spreading in other areas in the world. Morning glory is easy to grow in a garden so that people can make morning glory tea easily. Bloating, stomach ache, and worms are some stomach issues which can be treated by morning glory tea. If you have stomach pain, it is better for you to cure it with this tea rather than taking a high dose of different medicines.

  • Morning glory tea can reduce stress.

From year to year, the percentage of happy people is reducing as explained on Gardening Aid. People now have less time to enjoy life. So, they need something to be able to feel calm. Consuming morning glory tea can be one of the solutions. This tea can give a calming effect so that it can relieve a person from stress.

  • Morning glory tea can improve your skin health.

Having fresh and nice skin is a dream of everyone. Today, pollution is rising and there is more radiation which is reaching the earth. As a result, skin problems are also increasing. With morning glory tea, you are able to reduce these negative impacts. If you consume morning glory tea, it will give you a positive impact on your skin because it can help you to make your skin glow. This tea also can reduce wrinkles and scars. Even if you consume tea regularly, you will look younger.

  • Morning glory tea can cure cough.

Morning glory tea can help you to improve the health of your throat. This tea can relieve you from coughing by getting rid of excessive mucous. In China, this tea is used as a herbicidal to treat a lot of problems. So, are you having a cough infection and you cough regularly? If so, you are able to consume this tea regularly.

  • Morning glory tea can enhance your brain performance

Morning glory tea has the ability to enhance the performance of the brain. So, this tea can be given to your kids. However, you have to keep the check on dosages. If you or your kids consume this tea over dosage, it may lead to a further problem.

  • Morning glory tea can function as antibacterial agent.

This tea has anti-bacterial effects and it can fight Candida and E.Coli.

  • Morning glory tea can reduce swelling.

Morning glory tea can reduce swelling which in turn comforts the person.

Whether or Not Morning Glory Seeds Poisonous

After we explain about the benefits of morning glory tea above, then you may think of the seeds and now you are wondering whether the seeds of morning glory are poisonous or not. The answer is no. The seeds of morning glory are not poisonous to consume. However, you have to make sure that you do not consume them in large quantities. Let’s say that you consume the seeds in large quantities. If so, you will have problems like diarrhea and hallucinations.

In the seeds of morning glory, there are alkaloids. If it is consumed in large quantities, you will feel hallucinations. Besides, the seeds also have LSA which are consumed as a substitute for LSD as explained on Gardening AID. Do you know what LSA does on your body? If it is consumed, it will make you suffer from weak sight, hallucinations, cramping, stomach ache, dilated pupils and anxiety. According to the Inverse site, the LSA chemical was discovered by Albert Hoffman. He also discovered LSD. He discovered it when chewed the seeds of morning glory.

As explained on the Inverse site, there was a report that there were people who took LSA with alcohol and then they had to be sent to the hospital. In May 2016, there was a Boston teen who was hospitalized because of consuming morning glory seeds. So, even though it is not poisonous, if it is consumed in large quantities, it can be harmful.

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is that pregnant women need to avoid consuming morning glory because it may endanger the pregnancy. It can cause uterine contraction and then it may cause miscarriage. Not only pregnant women, people with heart disease history also need to avoid morning glory because it is dangerous for the health of their cardiovascular. There are a number of morning glory species and among all the species, the Korean morning glory is the most dangerous and poisonous. It is because it has the highest alkaloids.

Nutritional Information of Morning Glory

As you have read above that morning glory has a number of benefits. It means that this flower has  good substances which are good for your body. According to the Dr Health Benefits site, there is no thorough clinical research on morning glory nutrients, but botanists discovered that the flower has the abilities which are credited to the good nutrients in it. As explained on Dr Health Benefits site, there are some values which are discovered in morning glory flowers including Aspartic acid, Arginine, Cysteine, Tropine, Pseudotropine, Alkaloids, Resins, Fat, Volatile oil and Phytosterol.


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