Oakleaf Hydrangea Varieties Pictures and Review

Oakleaf Hydrangea comes with a lot of varieties which are based on its size including tall, medium and compact. Of course, each size has different  characteristics even though they are almost the same if at a glance. We think that you may be a bit confused as too many varieties of Oakleaf Hydrangea that you’ll find.

By giving you a list of Oakleaf Hydrangea varieties’s review and picture, we guess that you will easily compare them to each other. Let’s see them below!

List of All Oakleaf  Hydrangea Varieties

Oakleaf hydrangea

In this post, we’ll show a list of all Oakleaf Hydrangea varieties depending on the size, here they are:

Compact Varieties

  • Little Honey

The Little Honey Hydrangea will grow 4’ tall by 5’ wide. Its foliage will emerge bright golden-yellow maturing in the summer which is finally getting red in fall. If you plant it, giving them morning sun and afternoon shades is a must for you. This plant is susceptible to fungal disease that attacks the leaves. (the picture’s link at https://www.siebenthaler.com/shop/little-honey-oakleaf-hydrangea/ )

  • Munchkin

This Oakleaf Hydrangea variety will grow 3’ tall by 4.5 wide. The compact shape of this plant is really reliable for your small space. The flowers open white which gradually turn medium pink. Well the inviting foliage with red and green color and autumn show of burgundy will boost your mood. (the picture’s link at https://gardengoodsdirect.com/products/munchkin-oakleaf-hydrangea )

  • Pee Wee

The Pee Wee Hydrangea has gorgeous, conical form white flowers which come into bloom during June and July. Its foliage has red, burgundy and purple shades which are faded flowers dry during the winter months. (the picture’s link at https://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/FullImageDisplay.aspx?documentid=4513 )

  • Ruby Slippers

Ruby Slipper Hydrangea is a hybridization of cultivars Pee Wee and Snow Queen. This plant will open white  but it will turn into a pale pink shade which deepens to rosy red later in the summer. It will need filtered sun area, partial sun and also partial shade. Taking care of them by watering regularly is a must for you. (the picture’s link at https://www.monrovia.com/ruby-slippers-oakleaf-hydrangea.html )

  • Sikes Dwarf

This plant will easily grow in organically rich, medium moisture and well-drained soils. It can grow up to 4’ tall by 3’ to 4’ wide. This plant is perfect for your tiny garden that can also be planted in a container. (the picture’s link at https://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/FullImageDisplay.aspx?documentid=102936 )

Medium Varieties

  • Amethyst

This Hydrangea variety will emerge the cream-colored which become a surprising wine-red color with age. This plant is proper to live at the zone of 5-9 which can reach the height of 5’ to 10’. (the picture’s link at http://www.heritageseedlings.com/page_388_40/hydrangea-quercifolia-amethyst)

  • Gatsby Gal

This plant has white panicle flowers which can cover it from early summer to fall. Its foliage looks like the leaves from oak trees. You can grow it from zones 5 – 9. It really needs extra protection in the winter. (the picture’s link at https://plantaddicts.com/gatsby-gal-hydrangea )

  • Gatsby Moon

This Hydrangea variety will grow 6 to 8 feet tall and wide. The flowers start out creamy white, then it will turn into more limes green towards the end of the summer and into fall. You have to plant it in well-drained soil and can receive morning sunlight. (the picture’s link at https://www.provenwinners.com/plants/hydrangea/gatsby-moon-oakleaf-hydrangea-hydrangea-quercifolia)

  • Gatsby Pink

Gatsby Pink Hydrangea has extremely white flowers which can turn pink later in the summer. its leaves will also turn from green during the spring and summer and then get a dark red in the fall. To take care of this plant, you have to provide extra water during hotter days. This plant is suitable to plant from zones 8 and 9. (the picture’s link at https://www.greatgardenplants.com/products/gatsby-pink-oakleaf-hydrangea?variant=37358146257063)

  • Queen of Hearts

This plant will grow 6.5 tall by 9 wide. Queen of Hearts is the hybridization of cultivars Pee Wee and Snow Queen. The flowers will open white and slowly age to a deep pink color. The Queen of Hearts love in moist soil, well-drained soil with moderately fertile.  (the picture’s link at https://journals.ashs.org/hortsci/view/journals/hortsci/50/2/article-p310.xml)

  • Snow Queen

The Snow Queen Hydrangea really produces a tower of large, upright-pointed, white, dense flower heads. The pure-creamy white flowers will finally turn into light pink in fall season. This plant really needs medium moisture, fertile and well-drained soil. The best way to take care of the Snow Queen is by pruning. (the picture’s link at https://www.monrovia.com/snow-queen-oakleaf-hydrangea.html)

  • Snowflake

This plant will grow 7’ tall by 7’ wide. This Hydrangea variety has a longer bloom season than most other varieties. With stunning white flower varieties, it makes this plant so reliable to put in your small garden. It can grow well in partial shade and need water regularly to maintain moist soil. (the picture’s link at https://www.monrovia.com/snowflake-oakleaf-hydrangea.html)

Tall Varieties

  • Alice

This plant is classified into tall varieties of Oakleaf Hydrangea. However, it can be a great selection for larger gardens which can handle a bush this size. The large white flowers will turn to rosy pink before turning into tan color in late summer. It can also thrive in moist soils with full sun to part shade. (the picture’s link at https://www.thetreecenter.com/alice-oakleaf-hydrangea/)

  • Alison

This Hydrangea variety will grow 8’ to 10’ tall and wide. Alison is a bit broader and the inflorescences are held more upright than Alice variety. Well, the larger white flower will turn into a pink before turning into tan by summer’s end.  This plant will grow with the partial sun. You also have to water it regularly when top 2-3 inches of soil gets dry. (the picture’s link at https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/49400/#b)

  • Harmony

The last of Oakleaf varieties is Harmony which can grow 10’ tall and wide. The weight of this plant will bend down branches. This plant exhibits a selection cluster of very dense, large, sterile double flowers. This flower can not be often found in nurseries. However, this flower  is uncommonly gorgeous but the weight of the flowers is probably a problem. The medium-sized and the deciduous shrub with a rounded habit which is very suitable for your small garden. (the picture’s link at https://futureforests.ie/products/hydrangea-quercifolia-harmony)

Well, those are all Oakleaf varieties that you can know. It’s a great time for you to finally plant this Hydrangea in your small garden.

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