Several Best Type For Bonsai Tree

There are so many types of flowers that are very charming and beautiful, both in terms of leaves, color or the flowers themselves when they blooms. Then many characters of flowers can attract the attention of many people. When we travel or have a vacation to a place the most important thing for you is the view, is that beautiful or not because one of the things that can refresh your mind is the beautul scenery of a place.

Nowadays flowers are the things that mostly found at some places which gives us their beauty. But have you ever imagined if those beautiful flowers or trees become could be a beautiful plant to decorate your home? The answer is yes, one of which can be done is the bonsai technique.

What is bonsai?


Bonsai is a way of making a tree or flower in the form of a small size from its actual size which can reach a very large size with the aim that it can be placed in a pot.

Then are there any special requirements in choosing flowers or plants so that they can be used as bonsai?

The thing that needs to be considered in making bonsai is the character that the plant or flower has, Those that have the ability to last a long time from all weather, their leaves and flowers do not fall off easily, have dense leaves or flowers, and prioritize choosing dicot plants with flower characteristics.

Do you need special care for bonsai?

Of course, because each plant must be needed of maintaince so that its growth would be optimal as according to our wishes, if it’s lack of care so they will not grow properly or are not beautiful and will even suddenly die.

Here are some things you are able to do to care Bonsai:

  • Provide planting media from compost, soil and burnt rice husks or soil that is good and easily absorbs the water as well and has good air circulation.
  • Provide fertilizer and watering that bonsai by checking of soil conditions or else water them once in 2days. Do not water it too much although bonsai has a small container space that will quickly needs water because it will rot.
  • Frequently replace the soil in the pots so that growth and nutrition are always maintained.

Here are some flowers and plants that can be used as bonsai:

  • Bougainvillea flowers


We find this flower a lot in tropical areas with beautiful flower colors and have a variety of colors, there are white, purple, pink and orange.

  • Hibiscus tiliaceus

Hibiscus Tiliaceus

It is usually plant as a shade trees. And mostly the height of it less than 20 feet.

  • Adenium as known as Cambodia Japan


Adenium is a flower has lot of fans and it is a favorite flower commonly used as decorative plant, especially if it is made into bonsai because of its characteristics that are easy to care for and long lasting. With a variety of flower colors such as red, pink, yellow, white.

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