Snake Plant Flower, How does it look?

Mother in law tounge or Sansevieria trifasciata has been known as an ornamental plant at home. This plant attracts attention because of its leaves like a sword. In addition, the color of the leaves of snake plant, which is green with yellow or silvery edges, also attracts many people. The mother in law tounge plant is also believed to be able to absorb air pollution. However, the charm of snake plant didn’t stop there. This plant is also able to flower.

The blooming of snake plant flower is a rare and will never occur more than once a year. Flowering usually occurs only in plants that live outdoors all year round. How do snake plant flower grow? Keep in mind, snake plant grows quickly and can even survive in low light conditions. When snake plant is grow by itself which means lack of water and high light levels, they spread rapidly and become attached to the roots.

Mother in law tounge

This is what actually stimulates snake plants to have flower. The indifference sends a message to the plant that it will die from drought. This motivates the plant to produce flowers, as well as grow root and growth more.

Snake plant flowers

When blooming, snake plant flower grows together with tall stems or leaves. The flower stalk grows to about 91 cm tall and is covered with small, greenish, honeysuckle, cream, or white flowers.

Snake plant flower

This flower is very fragrant at night and contains very sweet and sticky nectar which appears as dewdrops on flower stems. Flowers bloom in day time but there is no information available on how long the blooming of snake plant will last. When the flowers die, be sure to trim the stems at the base to help the plant conserve energy and present a neater appearance. And take note that the mother in law tounge plant will not die after flowering.

Snake plant in water propagation

Does snake plant can grow in water? Yes it does. Even you can propagate them in water, how it is? Keep reading this entire tips!

  1. Choose healthy leaves.

Leaf selection is the first step you need to pay attention to. Choose the leave that are healthy but not too old. Fresh and healthy leaves will be easier to cultivate. So that the results will be easy to obtain compared to using old leaves.

  1. Cut the leaves.

After choosing healthy leave, then you can cut it. Take a note to cut the leaves from the plant by using sharp and clean scissors. You can use one of these leaves or you can cut the leaf into several pieces. You need to know, from one part of the leaf will grow a new part. So that from just one leaf you can get many results at the end of the process. It is recommended to use a leaf blade that is at least 2-3 inches or more (5-7.5 cm) in size. Or you can also use the whole leaf.

  1. Let the cuttings dry.

Then you can let the cuttings dry. This method is not the only step that must be passed. However, you can do this stage by letting the cuttings for a few days before putting them in the water. This method will avoid calluses, and help prevent rot.

  1. Place it on the water.

And the next step you need to do is put on the water. But you need to remember this method takes time to work. However, rooting snake plant plant with water media is actually faster than using soil media. Also keep in mind when you decide to cut each leaf into pieces. You have to keep the internodes in the same orientation as they grow on the plant. Place the entire leaf in a glass or jar with at least an inch of water or so.

  1. Keep changing the water.

In the process of waiting, make sure you change the water. Water conditions can have an influence on the process of reproducing snake plant plant. Therefore, you can do it once a week or more. Change the water regulerly, especially when the water is getting dirty.

  1. Remove mucus.

In the process of reproducing the snake plant, some people also has an experience slimy plant condition. If this happens, take it out and rinse the leaves in warm water in a sink. Then rub gently with your fingers to get rid of mucus. This method can help get rid of mucus in an easier way.

  1. Clean the container/pot.

Besides paying attention to plant growth, you also need to observe the cleanliness of the container you have. Now after all the cuttings are clean, you also have to clean the container. Rinse thoroughly, put the cuttings back in, and add clean water. Remember, this method is important to do in order to avoid spoilage.

  1. Pay attention to plant placement.

Place the plant near the window. It is recommended to provide indirect sunlight. Or you can place it in an area that has low sun exposure. And remember, avoid placing the cuttings in direct sunlight.

  1. Wait and see the process.

The process of propagating snake plant in water will be faster than the soil medium. In the cultivation process with soil planting media it will take months or maybe longer. However, the process of multiplying snake plant with water, on average, will take 2 months or more. However, there are also those who has experienced a faster process, it is 15 days.

Now after the roots are grow, you have to wait a little longer,r oots will be formed first, and then perfectly formed little ones will begin to grow.

Snake plant poisonous to cats and any other pets

However, this plant is very poisonous to the cat. Snake plant contains saponins which can make cats and dogs nauseous, vomiting if ingested of large doses.

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