Snake Plant vs Peace Lily, Which One is Best

Both are able to absorb toxins and make your sleep better, snake plants and Peace Lily are the gorgeous houseplant to decorate your home. Not only beautiful to look at, these two plants also provide a range of health benefits such as air purifiers, toxins absorbers, harmful chemical removal and more.

Because of the same abilities, many people are totally curious about which is one best between snake plant and Peace Lily. However, knowing the best one is really needed for some houseplant lovers in terms of determining which plants to keep in the house.

Snake Plant vs Peace Lily

We think that if we talk about which one is best between snake plant and Peace Lily, it’s hard to find as determining which one is best depends on how the owner takes care of them, right? If you want to get a reference to know which one is best, this post will show you a comparison between snake plant and Peace Lily which hopefully can get a clue to find the best one between them. Here you go!

Comparison Between Snake Plant Vs Peace Lily

When we compare snake plants vs Peace Lily, most planter communities recommend the snake plant or Sansevieria for most people. Why? That’s because variegated snake plant is ranked first, while Peace Lily is ranked 4th.

In this case, the most important reason why most people choose the snake plants is that the snake plants tolerate low light which only requires very little water and prefer small pots. So, the snake plants are very flexible to put at your room space, then you can move it easily from one space to another.


  • Both snake plant and Peace Lily were found efficient and effective for filtering some harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, ammonia and toluene from its environment by the 1989 Nasa Clean Air Study.
  • Snake plants will tolerate low light which requires very little water and prefer small pots.
  • Peace Lily prefers shade which will grow under incandescent bulbs. They also need water infrequently that can recover well if watering is delayed.


  • Snake plant or Sansevieria trifasciata has saponins that can cause pain, nausea and salivation when ingested. In children and pets, it can progress to diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum has calcium oxalate, a severe irritant. Some people probably suffer skin rashes from handling this plant. If ingested, Peace Lily will cause swelling and burning of the throat and mouth as well as vomiting and nausea. In pets, if left untreated this peace lily can progress to kidney failure. It’s important to note that Peace Lily is not a tru Lily, so it’s rarely lethal to pets.
  • Snake plants will be killed by overwatering as the big problem for this plant. Certainly, the snake plants prefer dry environments which are highly susceptible to rot in wet soil.

Growing Snake Plant Well

The snake plant or Sansevieria trifasciata which has several names such as mother-in-law tongue,  golden snake plant and also viper’s bowstring hemp is currently getting the popularity as one of the most reliable houseplant which can grow both indoors and outdoors.

Just like a peace lily, the snake plant also has a bunch of benefits that you can get from. They can emit oxygen at night and can also be a natural air purifier. Aside from that, the snake plants can remove some harmful chemicals and sick building syndrome.

Here’s how to grow a snake plant well!

  • To make the snake plant grow well, you have to allow soil to dry between waterings. You also have to carefully not over water in winter. Avoid getting the snake plants leaves wet when watering them.
  • Place your snake plants in indirect light, even though this plant is tolerant of a variety of light conditions. However, they’re able to withstand full sun and can also handle indirect and also low light.
  • Put them in bright and indirect sunlight where they will grow better in shady corners with low-light areas of the home. Keep your snake plant in a warm spot with temperature above 50 °F (10 °C). Well, protecting your snake plant by placing them in drafty windows during winter is the great way that you should do.
  • Feed them by giving the fertilizer during the growing season with an all-purposes plant food. You shouldn’t fertilize your snake plant during dormant periods. Make sure not to fertilize them too much.
  • As an alternative way, you can give them a weak dose of a reasonable 10:10: 10 or 20:20:20 fertilization.

Growing Peace Lily Well

Peace lily is one of the decorative flowers, both indoors and outdoors. However, the Peace Lily is sometimes called a fake Lily as it is not a member of the Lilium, but rather the Araceae family. This flower, scientifically named Spathiphyllum wallisii, has a charming white color.

Peace Lily is tropical perennials. It means that when you practice good peace lily care, this plant will live for years and the flower over and over again. They are ideal for office or home growing which are easy to take care of as they do not require a lot of light.

Here’s how to grow peace lily well!

  • To grow a peace lily, you should choose a container which has good drainage which is no more than 1/3 larger than the root ball of your peace lily.
  • You also need to fill the container 1/3 of the way with Miracle-Gro Indoor potting mix that contains no compost or bark. The mix here should contain coconut coir to help soil re-wet fast.
  • Put the peace lily in the container so that the top of the root ball is about one inch below the top of the rim. You can also fill in around the root ball with more potting mix.
  • Water peace until moisture to drain out the bottom of the pot. After that, you need to put a saucer under it and move it to its new home.

Okay, that’s a comparison between snake plants vs peace lily to guide you in determining which one is best. Do you already find the best one between them?


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