Snow Queen Hydrangea Review

Blooming in a pure white, there’s no reason to ignore the beauty of the Snow Queen Hydrangea. This Hydrangea flower’s type is generally found in America Southeast. However, these gorgeous shrubs send out all benefits of native plants to beautify your lovely home.

In a small space of your home, the Snow Queen Hydrangea will add a cold-holy atmosphere to your room. Only require very minimal maintenance, we think that putting the Snow Queen Hydrangea at your small space is a must for you.

Snow Queen Hydrangea

From the flower’s look, we can judge that the Snow Queen Hydrangea is absolutely perfect. However, if you’re new in planting a flower, our summary about this flower may not be enough for you, all you need is about the review, isn’t it? To convince you finally to have this mesmerizing flower, let’s see our review of the Snow Queen Hydrangea listed below!

Snow Queen Hydrangea’s Overview

‘Hydrangea quercifolia’ or commonly known as ‘Oakleaf Hydrangea’ is one of the Hydrangea family which was originally found in forest habitats from western North Carolina to Tennessee, and south to Florida and Louisiana. Because the flowers are pure white, finally, the Oakleaf Hydrangea was nicknamed the ‘Snow Queen’ Hydrangea.

The Snow Queen Hydrangea is a very dramatic flower with four seasons of interest. They will flower well in proper areas where the summers are somewhat hot. However, the winter is hardly farther north than the macrophylla. The enormous benefit that you can get from the Snow Queen Hydrangea is that this flower can really grow in much dryer locations than cousins. The Mopheads really struggle in sandy soil, but the Snow Queen hydrangea grows with very little attention or low maintenance.

As we know that Hydrangea is a precious genus of some 100 species of shrubs with vines grown for their large and very showy flower heads. However, the Hydrangeas are the best plant in summer and fall, that’s a quiet time for most woody plants which are worth having.

Here are the additional information about Snow Queen Hydrangea:

  • Botanical Name: Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snow Queen’
  • Plant Type: Shrubs
  • Plant Family: Hydrangea
  • Height: 5 – 8 Feet
  • Spacing: 6 – 8′
  • Exposure: Full Sun and Partial Sun. Best in shade to part shade
  • Zone: 5-9
  • Climate Zone: 2, 2B, 3, 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
  • Spread: 6 – 8′
  • Spacing: 96 inches (240 cm)
  • Color: White
  • Size: 4″ Pot
  • Blooms: Mid- Summer to early Fall.
  • Zone: 5-9
  • Form: Deciduous woody shrub.
  • Flower Form: 1/2 – 1″ five-lobed florets in broad, elongated, upright panicles 6 – 12″ long.
  • Soil: Moist
  • Characteristics: Cut flower, dried arrangements, plant of merit and showy.
  • Water needs: Average

Here’s For Review of Snow Queen Hydrangea


The Snow Queen Hydrangea really produces a tower of large, upright-pointed, white, dense flower heads. The pure-creamy white flowers will finally turn into light pink in fall season. The Snow Queen Hydrangea will continuously bloom from June to September. This beautiful white flower is growing 4 to 5 feet tall, but it spreads up to 6 feet wide.

The fall leaves will turn deep red-bronze, while the flower will turn to rosy pink in mid-summer. The cinnamon bark of the Snow Queen is totally striking. At 5-4’ tall maturity, this flower will develop a spreading colony with age.

However, some better improvement will make the Snow Queen Hydrangea growing significantly well. The upright habit of this flower is really beneficial when you plant them in a very small space at your home. The rich green leaves will take full sun, while the large white flower heads are held on rigid stems and do not drop after rain.

This flower will reach a height of 4 feet to 6 feet, delivering a catchy backdrop for the garden bed and ideal for large base floral arranging.


The Snow Queen Hydrangea really needs medium moisture, fertile and well-drained soils. The type of soil water which is the best to plant this flower is in the clay and loam soil. The soil’s pH to better plant this Hydrangea is by having acid, neutral and alkaline soil. However, the Snow Queen Hydrangea can thrive in much drier areas than its cousins.


The Snow Queen Hydrangea is suitable in the zone of 5 – 9. It can handle temperature down to -28,9 Celsius or -15 Fahrenheit to – 6,7 Celsius or 20 Fahrenheit.


This Snow Queen Hydrangea can be planted at the same depth with the space of 96 inches (240 cm). Recommended pot’s size is about 4 inches. Planting them in mid-summer to early fall is a very great choice for you.

This flower is a good candidate for mass plantings, mixed shrub borders, hedges and also as a backdrop or accent plant at your lovely home. This Snow Queen Hydrangea is very attractive in dried arrangements.

Taking Care

Pruning is the best way that you have to do In taking care of the Snow Queen Hydrangea. However, you may need to maintain the flower’s form, the great time to prune is after done flowering. This Hydrangea species will flower on old wood. Well, the dead wood can be removed at any time after flowering.

Just like many plants, the Snow Queen Hydrangea will also need enough water. Well, watering this flower on average is what you should do to take care of the Snow Queen Hydrangea flower.

Pros and Cons

This post also shows you plenty of pros and cons of the Snow Queen Hydrangea that you should know. Here they are:


  • Having a pure-white flower’s color, the Snow Queen Hydrangea is really worth decorating your lovely home.
  • Low maintenance of this flower will lighten you up.
  • Easy to plant by using some usual tools


  • The Snow Queen hydrangea can cause mild stomach upset.
  • It can also aggravate skin allergies if it is ingested and contact with foliage.
  • Sometimes, it grows smaller, not to propagate.

Well, those are the reviews for the pure-white Snow Queen Hydrangea that we’ll share to you.

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