The Best Pot for Snake Plant You Need to Have

What is the best type of pot for Snake Plant? If you want to know that information, here we are going to reveal that information. Also, we will share some alternative pots for Snake Plant.

What is the best type of Pot for Snake Plant?

If you want to know the best pot for Snake Plant, then we say Terracotta pots are the best of all. They are able to soak and dry water naturally. So, the Snake Plants will be able to grow healthy.

Pot for Snake Plant

There are some advantages for using terracotta pots. In the text below, you are going to know some pros and cons for using terracotta pots.


Terracotta pots are able to be discovered all over our home. The red clay and the patina it looks made us fallin love. Actually, the patina is mineral deposits which are pulled through the walls of the pots. It is not harmful. Also, it can be left or washed off with soap and water.

Here are some pros for using terracotta pots:

  • Terracottas porous nature lets air and water to move through the walls. It prevents soil disease and root rot.
  • Terracotta pots are able to be used for indoor plants and outdoor container gardening.
  • Terracotta containers are very good for Succulents, Cacti,and other plants which prefer drier soil.
  • Terracotta pot is great for colder climates.  The walls of the pots can draw the water out of the soil for helping the soil dry quicker.
  • They are inexpensive pots.
  • They create a beautiful patina which just gets better with age.


While we love the color and organic nature of terracotta pots, lots of people with a more modern style would prefer otherwise. In fact, Terracotta will not fit into all design styles.

  • Using Terracotta pots outdoors in cold weather will cause them to crack or break.
  • The plants that prefer moist conditions will need to be watered more frequently in Terracotta pot.

Here are some plants that good using Terracotta pots:

  • Snake Plants
  • Aloe Vera
  • Monstera species
  • Syngoniumspecies
  • Peperomiaspecies
  • Pilea peperomioides
  • Philodendronspecies
  • Ficusspecies
  • Opuntia cactus
  • Rhipsalis species
  • Tradescantia species
  • String of hearts (Ceropegia woodii)
  • String of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

Terracotta pot helps us to control the long periods of moisture inside the pot that helps to prevent fungus in the soil and the bugs that come along with that.

Alternatives Pots for Snake Plant

Terracotta pot may not be available in all places. If so, we have other options which can be an alternative to Terra cotta pot. In the market, there are other pots available for Snake Plant. You are able to select any of them. Some are made of ceramic, some are of plastic. Before selecting one, you have to ensure that you are purchasing the right one. Keep in mind that the Snake Plant cannot grow well in all kinds of pots. So, find out the best alternative pot for your Snake Plants.

  • Plant Pots Cylinder (White Ceramic Planters)

White ceramic planters

The material of the pot is ceramic. Its material gives the pot an elegant look. It makes it the best type of pot for the Snake plants. The color of this pot is entirely white. This pot is suitable for large plants like succulents. Aside from that, the pot is suitable for deep-rooted plants like strawberries, Gerbera, herbs, and Aloe Vera.

  • Hexagon Pattern Ceramic Pots (By Greenholics Store)

If you want a retro vibe with your Snake Plants, you are able to use this pot. The pot has a standard size which can go with any kind of the Snake plant. Even, it is considered as the best size pot for the Snake plant. Apparently, there are two pots included in this package. The diameter of the smaller one is 5 inches, and another one is 6 inches.

  • Small Flower Pots Indoor (By The next Gardener Store)

This small flower pot is cute-looking pot which go well with any kind of the snake plant. The pot design is fashionable. With the stylish design, you are able to place it anywhere you like. There are also several excellent features of it. The pot enable to exceed water flow out of it quickly. The drainage plate is at the bottom of the pot. The material of this pot is ceramic and clay. The high-quality clay material is used for making well-glazed pots. Also, the inner part of it is very smooth.

  • EdenHomes Mid Century Modern Plant Stand Pot

This pot set is useful in some ways. The set includes a nice pot and a stand to hold it. Both are looking good together as the color combination is very perfect. The stand is 14 inches tall from the floor to top of the rack. The pot is 10 inches tall, and the diameter is 10 inches too. This pot is a good size for planting Snake Plant.

  • Mid Century Planter with Stand (By DR&Co Store).

If you want the best type of pot for a snake plant or any plant pot to decorate your home, this can be your choice. The glazed ceramic white pots are unique and also stylish. You are able to get one for placing it in your bedroom, garden, kitchen, and many other places.

How to Pot a Snake Plant?

If you plan to pot a Snake plant on your home, you have to be careful of some things.

  • First of all, you have to get a good quality snake plant. Please try to take a snake plant that is in good condition. If it is not, you have to be more careful while potting it.
  • You have to select a good quality pot too. Please ensure that the pot has a drainage hole. This type of pot will work well for the Snake plants. As we know that Terracotta pot is the best pot for Snake Plant.
  • After being done with all the equipment, you have to take a good quality draining potting mix. Please ensure the potting mix is specially made for snake plant. Just potting the plant with it well, and you are done.

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