The Fastest Way of Snake Plant Propagation in Water

Sansevieria plants or mother-in-law’s tounge have been used as ornamental plants at home for a long time. This plant is characterized by long and straight leaves like a sword in shape. The leaves also have a peculiarity, it is green with yellow or silvery edges. Easy care makes this snake plant perfect for almost in any indoor or outdoor. You can also propagate this plant easily. So, the beautity of this plant is able to enrich your home.

First of all, there is basic care of snake plant is flexible when it comes to light and humidity, but tends to be finicky about the amount of water it gets. Too much watering will kill these plants. Snake plant thrives in small pots with dense rhizomes. There is no need to fertilize snake plant, but if necessary, use liquid fertilizer once a month during the growing season. The easiest method of propagating snake plant plant is by water. You can also propagate this plant from leaf cuttings.

Snake Plant propagation

Snake plant grows from rhizomes that gather and develop as the plant ages. This method is no different from those you would use with other plants in the garden. Choose a pot or container with a large enough size. Choose healthy leaves that are not too old and use clean and sharp scissors to cut them off. Cut ends of the leaves and put in enough water to cover the bottom leaf cuttings. Place the container in indirect light and change the water every few days.Soon you will see little roots then plant the rooted leaves in sand or peat moss and treat as usual.

Due to many benefits, some people may want more snake plant to put in every corner of their home. However, you don’t need spend much money to buy new snake plant seeds because there is easy way to propagate your mother-in-law’s tounge. Then, how to plant snake plant with the cuttings method?

You can cut off the healthy leaves of snake plant and grow them back in water.

Snake Plant Propagation in water

Tools needed:

– Sharp knife or scissors

– A thick glass, jar, or vase

– Water

  • How to cuttings:
  1. Use a sharp knife or scissors, cut the leaves you want to plant which near the soil. The sharper and cleaner the cut, the better the result will be. It is better to cut them into a “V” at the underside of the leaves, to increase the success rate of the cuttings.
  2. Next, place the underside of the leaves in the water, covering about 25% of the leaves with water.
  3. If the leaves of snake plant are large, you can cut the leaves into pieces, and put each part in the water.
  4. Place the leaf in a glass of water, in the exact same position as when it was on the ground. This is because the roots of snake plant will only grow if the tips of the leaves close to the ground are put into water. If the position is wrong, then the leaves will not grow new roots.
  5. Store the leaves in a warm room with lots of indirect light.
  6. Change the water in the vase or glass once every week.
  7. It will likely take about 2 months or even longer for the roots to grow from the cuttings.
  8. After the roots sprout, you can plant the cuttings in the ground.

Snake Plant Propagation in soil

Root cuttings in the ground by placing the leaves you pulled directly on the ground.

Tools needed:

– Sharp knife or scissors

– Pot

– Succulent soil or other suitable potting mix

  • How to cuttings:
  1. Cut off the part of snake plant that is near the ground, using a clean and sharp knife.
  2. Then, using a very sharp knife, cut the leaf into pieces, each the same length.
  3. Leave the cut leaves exposed to air for several days. This will help prevent soil bacteria from entering the leaves and causing rot. Make sure you remember which part of the leaf should be on top and which should be on the bottom.
  4. Next, place the part that is close to the bottom of the plant, into soil that is well drained.
  5. Plants will begin to grow roots in about one month and will grow new growth the following month.

Snake Plant Propagated by Dividing

You can easily divide snake plant plant into two parts.

Tools needed:

– Newspaper

– Clean and sharp knife or hand saw

– Clean pot

  • How to cuttings:
  1. Remove snake plant gently on each side and slide it out of the pot. So that the soil doesn’t get messy, you can place a newspaper under the pot as a base.
  2. Examine the roots carefully and see where the rhizomes are. If your mother-in-law’s tongue is large, cut it using a hand saw or even sharp cuttings. Separate the mother-in-law’s atleast into 3 rhizomes
  3. Make sure there are multiple roots in each section.
  4. After the plants are split, plant them in a new pot with rich soil. Then water it a little with water, and don’t do any further watering if the soil is not completely dry, as it will rot the roots.

Snake Plant Propagation by cutting the rhizome

Rhizome is a stem that grows underground and horizontally. On snake plant, this rhizome will release new shoots called tillers. You can use the rhizome to grow a new snake plant.

The rhizome of Snake Plant

Tools needed:

– Newspaper

– Sharp knife or scissors

– Pot

  • How to cuttings:
  1. Remove snake plant gently on each side and slide it out of the pot. So that the soil doesn’t get messy, you can place a newspaper under the pot as a base.
  2. Look for some underground rhizomes in the root area. The rhizome is a white stem that somewhat resembles a garlic clove.
  3. Using a clean sharp knife, cut the rhizome from the base of the plant. Be careful not to damage the surrounding roots.
  4. Leave the rhizome lying exposed to air for up to several days without touching the soil and water.
  5. After that you can plant the rhizomes in a new pot. Watch and wait for new growth to appear.

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