The Meaning of Morning Glory Flower that You Need to Know 

Usually the color of flowers has meaning or a certain culture usually has history and meaning behind a flower. For example, purple calla lilies symbolize loyalty and royalty. Now, how about morning glory? Does this flower also have meaning? Let’s find out the meaning of morning glory here.

The Meaning of Morning Glory Colors

Morning glory can be found in a variety of colors such as red, pink, blue and some more. Knowing the meaning of flower color is important when you give a flower to someone. Usually, the color of a flower can send a message. So, if you know the meaning of morning glory color, you will send the right message through morning glory that you send to someone.

  • Red Morning Glory

Red color symbolizes passion, romance and love. If you see the red color of morning glory, you may think of the one that you love.

  • Pink Morning Glory

Pink color of morning glory symbolizes gentle feelings. Not only that, it also symbolizes romance and caring for someone. So, pink morning glory is suitable to be given to someone who is close to you such as your family member or friend.

  • Blue Morning Glory

Blue color symbolizes trust, deep emotions and respect. If you have someone who is your true friend and he or she is very precious to you, you can gift them with this blue morning glory.

  • Purple Morning Glory

Purple color symbolizes nobility, royalty and beauty. So, morning glory in this color is suitable to be gifted to someone who is special in your life.

  • Yellow Morning Glory

Yellow symbolizes positive energy, brightness and positivity. If you want to give yellow morning glory flowers, you are able to give them to someone who is your good friend. If you plant morning glory with this color in your garden, you will have a colorful and beautiful garden.

  • White Morning Glory

White symbolizes innocence, spirituality and virginity. If you like this color, you are able to plant white morning glory in your garden so that your garden will look bright and beautiful.

The Meaning of Morning Glory Flower in Japanese Culture

According to Petal Republic, morning glory has an association with love regardless of the culture. It may be because of the vining habits of the plants that share this name. Usually, vining plants have a tendency to be associated with love and devotion in general. It is because they have a clinging nature.

The Meaning of Morning Glory

Various species of Morning Glory were first cultivated by Japanese. The flower is used by them as a symbol of innocence and love so that this flower is a common gift between young lovers.

The Meaning of Morning Glory in Chinese Culture

In China, you can find that this flower is grown as a decoration on garden fences and along the walls of houses. It has an association with love in this culture. However, there is a specific folklore story with it.

It is said that there were two lovers who started to neglect their duties to see each other. It made the gods angry. Then, they were banished to the separate banks of a wide river and they were only permitted to meet one day per year. The morning glory flower has the character of a constant climbing to across the open space as if depicting a couple who want to meet each other.

The Meaning of Morning Glory in Victorian Times

Victorians also liked to grow morning glories. Some varieties of these flowers could adapt to cool climates like England. So, this flower had an important role in the developing Language of Flowers where they were used to send coded messages.

These flowers as explained on Petal Republic site, had the same association with unrequited love as owned by Chinese culture. If a morning glory was included in a bouquet, it could be a sign of a continuing or undying love.

The Meaning of Morning Glory in Rural England

In the rural countryside of England, the morning glory flower was referred to as Life of Man. It is because this flower is symbolic of man’s life.

Well, those are a number of meanings of morning glory according to some countries or cultures and also based on colors. Now, as a bonus, you can read about how to care for fresh cut morning glory flowers at home as you are able to read below.

Caring for Fresh Cut Morning Glory

Morning glory cannot last longer than a day. This flower has a short lifespan and this flower is better to be enjoyed as soon as possible after it is cut. When you cut this flower from the plant, you have to make sure to cut as much stem as possible. It is done to support the otherwise floppy flowers. So, they do not settle into the arrangement or sink into the water as explained on Petal Republic site.

Other Things to Know About Morning Glory

You need to know the other things related to the morning glory flowers. You may wonder how long the flowers can last. Usually, these flowers only bloom for a single day. However, they produce a lot of flowers throughout the growing season. So, you are able to enjoy the beauty of flowers across the blooming season.

Then, what is the reason for this flower called morning glory? They have a tendency to bloom early in the morning and close by the end of the day.

Do you want to have this flower at home? If so, you need to know where the best place to put it. First, you need to know that this flower thrives in well-draining, fertile soil. So, you are able to plant it in a location that receives full sun to partial shade throughout the majority of the day.

However, you also need to know that morning glory is poisonous to pets so that you have to make sure that your pets do not consume this plant.

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