Tips to Care for Your Olive Trees in Winter

Throughout the warm weather you must have watched your olive tree thrive, but you must have worried about how your olive tree will survive the coming fall and winter.

Olive trees are very hardy plants in harsh conditions that cause them to die. Olive trees can survive up to 10 to 17°F (-8 to -12°C) If cold temperatures drop gradually and the air becomes dry, and at temperatures as low as 0 to 4°F (-15 to -18°C) the tree is known Olives can survive.

Olive Trees in Winter

Olive Tree in Autumn/Winter Care

  • Position away from the elements

In fact, while olive trees can withstand temperatures of -10 °C and above, cold and harsh winds can be very damaging to these conditions, and require additional protective measures. Freezing temperatures combined with wind can penetrate the bark causing it to split and cause leaves to fall off and die therefore olive trees should be placed in an area that provides appropriate wind protection . Place the olive trees facing west or south and away from north and east winds.

  • Move potted plants indoors

If you have an olive tree in a pot, to protect it from the cold weather it will be very easy for you to move it indoors. However, make sure you don’t move it from cold to too hot too quickly as this can stress and damage the plant.

It is also not recommended to heat the plant because it can cause olive tree leaves to fall off. Olive trees still need a cool, dry climate in winter to survive although they like to be frost free.

Until late September potted olive trees can be left outside, and until early May should be brought indoors. Either a terrace with good natural light or a greenhouse are all perfect for hosting olive trees during winter.

  • Use fleece protection

Another thing that will protect it from freezing temperatures and drafts is to wrap your plants in horticultural fluff from December to February or longer if the cold weather persists. Scientifically, fleece can keep your plants warm by trapping a layer of air underneath, the fleece will stay at a higher level than the outside temperature.

The way to wrap it is to measure the diameter of the plant so that it can be known or how much you need from the fleece roll for your olive tree. after that all you have to do is place it on the olive tree and then pull it down until the stem of the plant is completely covered. With some straps at the bottom for fastening so it stays in place.

  • Avoid frozen root balls

During rainy weather, olive trees planted in the ground need well-drained soil to prevent waterlogging so that the roots are not damaged. However, if conditions damage the roots, they will struggle to recover and cause the olive tree to die because it cannot take water and suffers from drought.

If the olive tree is in a pot, to provide added warmth you can add a layer of fleece to the outside of the pot if you can’t move it inside.

How Olive Trees Can be Protected During Winter

Treat your olive differently is the thing you need to do. Like it is depending on where you grow them, in the ground or in a pot.

Olive trees in the ground

You don’t need to worry if you live in the South as olive trees will usually withstand winter conditions.

Follow these steps to protect the olive trees,if you live in area that often rains during cold climates.

  • To prevent water from running near the roots which would cause waterlogging, Create a slope around the base of your olive tree.
  • In winter, make sure to get the water out of the olive tree as far as possible
  • After harvesting your olives stop all irrigation.
  • After harvest do not fertilize . In autumn or autumn do not add nitrogen rich fertilizer
  • You can mulch the base of the olive tree to protect the roots from freezing.
  • After the freeze in spring is over, you can start irrigating or watering again. This will help your olive tree recover from frost injuries.

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Olive trees in pots or containers

Well, if you live in an area where the temperature never drops below 20°F

  • You can easily care them by placing the olive tree outside to get any light of sun.
  • Give with enough water if the soil is really nearly dry

However, if your home is further north, what should you do?:

  • A cool, well-lit place where it never freezes is the best place for your olive tree.
  • Protect your olive tree from moisture in the best way as winters in this area are also very humid.
  • To take advantage of the warmth of your home you can bring them as close to the window as possible
  • To protect it from the cold, mulch the base of your olive tree
  • Do not let the rain in your plant and it is better to wrap the pot with a thick cover
  • To avoid condensation touching the plants which are a source of moisture then you can cover it with horticultural feathers, keeping the buffer space around so that no leaves touch it.

Winterizing Olive Trees Tips

To protect it from the wind, you can install grilles on two sides, forming an angle that will cut off the worst cold winds to increase the olive tree’s winter resistance.

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