What Makes The Sunflower Face The Sunlight

You must have seen beautiful flowers. Sunflowers are annual flowers because they are arguably able to last a long time. This flower included to Asteraceae family. In addition, this flower has a beautiful shape with bright yellow petals and large flowers that can reach 11inches of diameter . Based on the variety, this flower can grow up to 3 meters tall.

This flower has character or ability when the sun starts to rise from the east it will begin to follow until it sets to the west. Uniquely, this flower will bow down at night. Because the color of this flower has a cheerful impression and is able to make everyone stunned when you see it, especially if it is planted on a large area of land that can be used as a tourist attraction for selfies, so this must be very beautiful for you to share that moment with friends, family or even your loved ones.


Do you know what makeshis flower to follow the direction of the sunlight?

The auxin hormone is what makes this flower able to detect the presence of sunlight, not only sunlight but also any light during a 24 hour period no more than that. And this ability of the Sunflower is called Heliotropism. It is only works best for young flowers and does not works to old Sunflowers and even their growth would be slows down.

Not only that, it turns out that this Sunflower have some benefits that so interest. In addition to its unique character, we can also consume the seeds from the flowers after they are processed first, named kwaci. And it is often processed into cosmetic ingredients because Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E which is known to be able to keep your skin moist. If you want to keep it, you don’t need to worry because the terms of flower care, it is relatively easy.

There are two ways to breed Sunflowers:

  • Generative
    Reproduction through the process of mating or pollination
  • Vegetative
    – Natural reproduction that occurs but not through natural mating such as bulb, runners, budding etc.
    – Artificial vegetative is the reproduction of plants with human assistance such as plant grafting, taking cutting of plant etc.

That’s the interesting thing about Sunflowers and the benefits about Sunflowers as well.
May this be useful.

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