When do Chrysanthemums Bloom Exactly

Chrysanthemum, also known as mums is a type of tropical flower plant from China. This flower is included in the Asteraceae family, which also consists of several other popular types of flowers such as Aster, Dahlia, Pot Marigold, Zinnia and Starflower.

In terms of shape, chrysanthemums can come in various forms such as daisy, spider, fuji, chusion, button and disbud. As for color, many chrysanthemums come in white, yellow, red, orange, pink and two or more colors.

Chrysanthemum Bloom

Chrysanthemum flowers are considered as a marker of the arrival of November. Chrysanthemum is one type of flower that can be arranged like a bonsai. Chrysanthemum flowers generally have a diameter of at least 1 cm and a maximum of up to 25 cm when flowering. In some European countries, chrysanthemums are usually used as flower arrangements to symbolize the atmosphere of mourning, such as at graves or during funeral ceremony.

Chrysanthemum flowers are very easy to care for, because these flowers can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, its maximum development can be seen if chrysanthemums are planted in fertile soil and are directly exposed to sunlight.

When do Mums Bloom

This type of flower will often be seen in flower shops from summer to fall. And this fact seems to be corroborated, because chrysanthemums are really selling well between August and November.

To be used as ornamental flowers, chrysanthemums are fairly long lasting compared to other types of flowers. This flower is able to maintain its beauty in a vase for up to 2 weeks.

The leaves on the chrysanthemum stalks usually die earlier than the flowers, so it’s best to remove the leaves on the chrysanthemum stalks before placing the chrysanthemum in the vase. Chrysanthemum is capable of producing ethylene gas, so it’s a good idea to keep the Chrysanthemum vase away from other flowers such as carnations and orchids, which are usually sensitive to this gas.

How to Make Chrysanthemums Bloom Longer in Autumn?

Chrysanthemum flowers will only bloom for a certain period of time. But there are some key secrets to making them bloom big and beautiful a little longer during fall.

  • Buy Budding Mums, Not Blooming Mums

To get the longevity out of your chrysanthemum, look for chrysanthemums that are full of buds, or just starting to open. At the time of purchase. Large, beautiful plants in full bloom may look attractive in the store, but they are also more than halfway through their life cycle.

Buds of mums has just reached its peak, and will bloom for weeks. One of the best ways to preserve chrysanthemums for the entire fall is to buy them before they are at their peak. These chrysanthemums will bloom longer, flowering up to 45 days or more.

When buying it look for tough chrysanthemums. Hardy chrysanthemums can handle harsh winters. Hardy chrysanthemums can be planted in the landscape, providing years of fall color.

And that means they will not only give you a beautiful scenery this fall, they can then be replanted into the landscape to provide years of fall blooms.

  • Keep Plants Cool And Shade

Chrysanthemum thrives in full sun. But the sun and heat also speed up the flowering cycle of plants. Full sun puts the chrysanthemum into full bloom mode. In addition, the additional heat and pressure of the sun shortens the life of the flowers that appear as well.

Chrysanthemums stored in partial shade will retain their flowers longer. But kept in a partially shaded location, chrysanthemums stay in bloom for a longer period of time.

Partially shaded patios can be a perfect location to get the most out of mums bloom time.

  • Keep Your Plants Hydrated

The quickest way to shorten the blooming period of chrysanthemums is by inconsistent watering. Fall temperatures may be cooler, but dry air can quickly absorb moisture from potted plants.

Check your plant’s soil daily with your fingertips. If it is nearly dry, water it. The best method is to place your hose nozzle or watering can under the flower.

Too much water in flowers can damage flowers and shorten their blooming cycle. The quickest way to fail blooms for chrysanthemums is a lack of water. Infrequent watering will quickly lead to flowering and plant failure.

You can place the pot in a container with water underneath, allowing the water to seep up to the roots.

This technique keeps the plant watered for up to 5 days or more. This is to keep your chrysanthemum blooming longer and beautiful throughout the fall!

Benefits of Chrysanthemums

  • If grown indoors, this flower can remove toxins in the air. This has been confirmed by a NASA study, when the American space agency investigated the problem of air pollution.
  • Substances known as pyrethrins in chrysanthemums can be used as natural insecticides. This substance is able to attack the nervous system of insects and prevent bites of female mosquitoes.
  • Chrysanthemum leaves and flowers can be consumed. The leaves are widely used as a stew menu as a vegetable dish in Chinese cuisine, which is very useful for digestion.
  • Chrysanthemum tea is very popular in China. Not only a matter of taste, chrysanthemum flowers also provide many health benefits. When mixed into tea, chrysanthemum flowers are very efficacious as a support for relaxation, maintaining lung health, curing sore throat, fever, headache, and overcoming itchy and dry eyes.

Do you interest to have chrysanthemum? Nowdays, many type of chrysanthemum seeds are easily found in the market. Caring this flower is also quite easy for those of you who are just starting the hobby of gardening.

  • First, watering in the morning but avoid the leaves and flowers. In addition, try to get chrysanthemum pots exposed to a lot of sun exposure and fertilize once a month.
  • Take a moment in the morning to water it, not too much because it will make the roots and flower stems rot. Place it in an area exposed to direct sunlight, such as near a window.

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  • When it blooms, you can pick it and put it in a vase. It can last up to 2 weeks, but the leaves often rot and interfere with their appearance. Work around it by removing the leaves at the bottom of the stem to ensure a longer lasting freshness. Also, cut the flower stalks at an angle of about 45 degrees and soak them in warm water immediately after cutting. Change the water regularly at least every two days and place it in a more shady area.

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