When Morning Glory Heavenly Blue Will Bloom?

Heavenly blue morning glory is a morning glory which is the most popular variety. This variety is also one of the loveliest with vivid blue flowers. You may just plant this flower and you wonder when this flower will bloom.

The Time of Morning Glory Heavenly Blue Blooms

According to the Have Garden site, morning glory flowers bloom in the morning and close in the afternoon. This includes the blue color. Let’s say that you plant the morning glory from seed. If so, it may take 90 days to 120 day for the plant to bloom.

Morning Glory

This flower blooms in the morning. That’s why the name of this flower is morning glory. According to the Have Garden site, it can take months for this plant to produce flowers. So, when you grow this heavenly blue morning glory, you have to be patient.

It needs up to 120 days for Heavenly Blue Morning Glory to produce flowers and this plant produces flowers in the summer.

When A Morning Glory Does Not Bloom

You may have planted morning glory plants for a long time, but until now you have not seen them bloom. There are some reasons why your morning glory plants do not bloom. One of them is that the soil is too rich. Besides, your morning glory plant will also not bloom if it is overwatered or it does not have enough sunlight. Deficiency of phosphorus can also be a reason why your morning glory does not bloom.

Here is the explanation about why your morning glory plants do not bloom according to the Have Garden site.

  • Soil

Morning glory can grow well in poor/average soils. If the soil is richer than the plant needs, the plant will put out a lot of leaves and sacrifice the flowers. It happens usually if the soil has very high Nitrogen content. If so, don’t give the manure for this plant and also don’t fertilize the plant. Do you want to fertilize your morning glory plant? If so, you can do that by choosing something with a lesser proportion of Nitrogen. Bloom Booster fertilizer can work well on your morning glory.

  • Sunlight

One of the external factors which can make your morning glory bloom is sunlight. In full sunlight conditions, this plant can thrive. So, if you find that your morning glory has not bloomed yet for a long time, you have to observe the plant and check whether this plant gets enough sunlight or not. If your morning glory plant is young and it does not get enough sunlight, you are able to transplant it. You have to make sure that your morning glory gets full sunlight at least 6 to 7 hours a day. If your morning glory plant is shaded by a tree, you can prune the branches of the tree so that your morning glory plant is not covered by the tree and it will get the full sunlight.

  • Moisture

You have to make sure to water your morning glory. However, you also need to note to avoid overwatering. If you overwater your morning glory, your morning glory plants will fail to bloom. You need to make sure not to let the soil dry or soggy. You can give your morning glory plant one deep watering a week and never water it often. If you water them often, it can induce surface-rooting. To know the condition of the moisture of your morning glory plant soil, you can check the soil with your fingers. If you feel that the soil is dry when you touch it, you can water it. If it is possible, you can also get soil moisture. What will happen if we overwater our morning glory plants? The thing that will happen if you water your morning glory plant more than it needs, the leaves will droop and turn yellow. So, the plant cannot absorb the nutrients that it needs for blooming.

  • Deficiency of Phosphorus

If your morning glory plants do not get enough phosphorous, the plant will fail to bloom. Phosphorous deficiency can happen because of one of the factors explained above. If the soil contains a lot of nitrogen, the plant is not able to absorb Phosphorous. Let’s say that nitrogen content in your morning glory plant is more than Phosphorous or Potassium. The thing that will happen is that the plant will produce a lot of leaves and the plant will fail to produce flowers. If your morning glory plant is lack of Phosphorous, you are able to add Bloom Booster fertilizer to fix the soil. Do you want to fix the soil naturally? If so, you are able to add wood ash to the soil. Wood ash can provide nutrients and also keep pests away.

If this season you did not get any morning glory flowers, it means you have to take the right steps to make sure that you will have a lot of morning glory flowers next time. Some vines grow a lot of flowers when the vine is permitted to sprawl on the ground. However, morning glory flowers can work best with a support system. So, you are able to provide a trellis, arbor, fence or other sturdy structure.

If until now you find that your morning glory plant has not bloomed yet, you have to be patient. It is because it may not be a time for them to bloom. You need to know that a morning glory plant can take a couple of months to 120 days from seed to bloom.

Morning glory plants bloom in most regions and often they bloom in August or early September. Do you have a short growing season? If so, you can start to plant them indoors three weeks before the date of the last frost. As explained on Gardening Know How, you can firstly soak the seeds for 24 hours before you plant them. Make sure to scar the outer surface of the seed. Then, you can plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep and you have to keep the soil moist in a warm environment.

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