Where to Buy Hibiscus Acetosella Seeds

You may have seen a pink flower with red color in the center part of it and the leaves are like maple leaves. You may be sure that it is Hibiscus, but you may not know what hibiscus it is. Well, it is Hibiscus Acetosella. If you want to plant it, you can plant it from seeds. Where can we find Hibiscus Acetosella seeds? Here, there are some online websites that you are able to access to buy Hibiscus Acetosella seeds.

Where to Buy Hibiscus Acetosella Seeds

You are able to buy Hibiscus acetosella seeds from offline stores or online stores. If you decide to buy it from online stores, make sure that you buy it from trusted sellers. Here are some websites to buy Hibiscus Acetosella seeds online.

Hibiscus Acetosella

  • Plant World Seeds

From this website, you are able to buy Acetosella seeds for $5.37 per packet. In this site, you are also provided the information about how to sow it. According to the explanation on the website, the seeds have been cleaned thoroughly. When you sow them, make sure that you do it into a well-drained, sandy compost at any time of the year and you have to cover them thinly with sand or grit and keep them moist. Then, you have to keep them at between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. The seeds can germinate in around 4 to 6 weeks. However, some of them may take longer. So, if you find that the seeds have not germinated yet, be patient. If you live in a warmer country, you have to plant it in the open ground or in a large container elsewhere. If you want to buy Hibiscus Acetosella in this online store, you are able to access www.plant-world-seeds.com.

  • Outside Pride

Another online store that you can access to buy Hibiscus Acetosella seeds is on Outside Pride website which can be accessed at www.outsidepride.com. The price of the Hibiscus Acetosella seeds on this website is $4.99. With this price, you will get 10 seeds. If you buy 20 seeds, the price is $8.99. According to this website, when you plant it, the temperature needs to be 70 F and it requires light. The sowing rate is 2 to 3 seeds per plant. You need to keep the seed moist until germination occurs.  Usually, the germination will occur in 14 to 21 days. Make sure that you give space around 24 to 36 inches between the seed that you plant. By planting Hibiscus Acetosella, it will give color to your garden for months.

  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds

This website can be accessed at www.johnnyseeds.com. On this website, you are able to buy the seeds in these prices:

o   If you buy a packet, the price is $6.50.

o   If you buy 100 seeds, the price is $16.10.

o   If you buy 500 seeds, the price is $75.75.

o   If you buy 1,000 seeds, the price is $129.75.

  • Select Seeds

This website can be accessed at www.selectseeds.com. On this website, you are able to buy Hibiscus Acetosella seeds for $5.00. Per packet, there are around 16 seeds. On this website, it is explained that when you plant the seeds, the soil pH is better in neutral, but it will tolerate slightly acidic to slightly alkaline. For fertilizer, you can mix in about 2” of compost before planting and mix in about an inch of spring if you grow it as a perennial. When can we set it outside? It is 2 weeks after last springtime frost. On this website, you are also able to buy other types of Hibiscus seeds such as Hibiscus Texas Star and Hibiscus Sunset.

How to Grow Hibiscus Acetosella Seeds

According to Outside Pride website, to grow Hibiscus Acetosella from seeds, you can start it indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost is predicted. It is recommended by most gardeners to nick the seeds with a knife and soak overnight in warm water. Then, you have to sow the seeds into small pots or starter trays by using well-draining, sterile potting mix. After that, you have to lightly cover and keep it moist, but make sure that you do not make it soggy.

After you see that the seedlings have developed and you find that there are some sets of true leaves with the stems having started to harden and become woody, you can move the plant to bigger pots or to a place which is protected in the garden. For several days, these tender plants need to be introduced to the sun gradually. At this point, you are able to use a water soluble fertilizer.

For your information, the sowing rate is 2 to 3 seeds per plant and the average germination time is around 14 to 21 days. keep it moist until germination is a must.

About Hibiscus Acetosella

Other names of Hibiscus acetosella are Cranberry Hibiscus and African Rosemallow. This plant is also known as maroon mallow, false roselle, red shield hibiscus and red leaved hibiscus. Usually, this plant can be found in abandoned fields or open areas, forest clearings and marshes. According to Wikipedia, this plant is a member of a perennial group namely hardy hibiscus. In the climates which are colder, this plant is easily an annual. However it is often regarded as a perennial to zone 8 to 11. In one season, this plant is able to grow 90 to 170 cm or around 3.0 to 5.6 ft tall and 75 cm or 30 inches wide as a shrub-subshrub.

The leaves of this Hibiscus acetosella plant are the same as the Japanese maple. This plant has dicot leaves. The shape leaves vary from 3 to 5 lobed to un-lobed or undivided in the upper leaves of the plant. The color of the leaves is dark maroon to a patchy red/ green appearance.

The flowers of this plant are solitary bisexual. They are borne between the leaf axils with five petals which are pink in color and lasting only a day. The petals of this flower are wine red with a dark purple centre which gives the flower a different eye in the center.

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