Where to Buy Lotus Plants in California 

If you’re in California, there are plenty of Plant Centers that you can visit to buy the varieties of lotus flowers. Moreover, the Plant Centers in California offer the service either online or offline. Whatever the buying method you choose, the only thing that you should notice is to know where the places are.

Thankfully, this post will inform you of the Top Plant Centers in California that provide the lotus flowers which are really reliable and worth buying. So, let’s see the list of Plant/Lotus Centers in California!

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Best Places to Buy Lotus in California

Here’s a list of Plant Centers that you should visit to buy the Lotus Flower!

1. Sunland Water Gardens

Sunland Water Gardens California
Sunland Water Gardens California

The first Plant Center that you can visit in California is Sunland Water Gardens. You can find it at 9948 Sunland Blvd Sunland, CA 91040 (818) 353-5131. The Sunland Water Garden provides plenty of aquatic plants, pond supplies and aquascape. They actually offer the Lotus flowers for sale with all its different varieties.

Here are the Lotus Flowers for sale that you get from Sunland Water Gardens:

Pink Lotus for Sale

There are 4 pink lotus flowers for sale. Here they are:

  • Pink Angel Lotus

It comes in hot pink with a white throat. The Pink Angel lotus is considered a mini sized Lotus which will be at home in small containers or large Koi ponds. However, this kind of lotus is a very reliable and dependable bloomer which will be blooming several times a year. This is the national flower of India which is commonly known as a the Indian lotus.

  • Pink ‘Holy Fire’ Lotus

The Holy Fire lotus will start blooming in April and has not missed a beat since. The very large lotus is measuring only 5-6’ and leaves 10-13’. You totally can get this pink Holy Fire lotus at Sunland Water Gardens.

  • Pink Momo Botan Lotus

This kind of lotus  is a great performer that can enhance the beauty of any pond. This is the most popular lotus in America which can be placed in a container garden or a small pond. It will grow in water 2 inches up to 2 feet deep.

  • Mrs. Perry D. Slocum Water Lotus

The ideal condition of this lotus will grow 4-5 feet inches. The flower size will reach 9-12 inches with the leaves with 18-23 inches. This kind of flower is really fragrant. You actually can buy Mrs. Perry D. Slocum Water Lotus at Sunland Water Garden.

Red Lotus for Sale

Red Lotus

There are 3 red lotus flowers for sale. Here they are:

  • Red ‘Mrs Slocum’ Lotus

This is a large-sized variety of lotus flowers which has 70-100 petals with the diameter of 11-12’. The length of the leaf and stems are about 2-3 feet. The leaf is about 20’.

  • Red ‘The President’ Lotus

Coming in a vibrant red flower, it makes this flower more spectacular with the look. The best place to plant red President lotus is in no-hole container at least 4 gallons or bigger.

  • Red ‘Russian Water’ Lotus

The Russian Red Water lotus  can grow 3-5 feet. It can be blooming about 8-12 inches and slightly fragrant. The leaves size is 20-24 inches. You totally can place it in shallow and murky waters.

White  Lotus for Sale

White Lotus

There are 4 white lotus flowers for sale. Here they are:

  • Yulou Renzui Lotus

The Yulou Renzui Lotus  comes from China which presents the stunning white lotus with dark pink.

  • Empress Lotus

The Empress or Alba Striata are the gorgeous lotus plants. This lotus can grow up to five feet tall in perfect conditions. You totally can get the Empress Lotus at Sunland Water Gardens.

  • Chawan Basu Lotus

The Chawan Basu Lotus grows 2 to 3’ tall which comes in beautiful creamy white single flowers.

  • Alba Grandiflora Water Lotus

The Alba Grandiflora Water Lotus  has single white blooms and under ideal conditions will grow 5-6 feet. It will be blooming about 6-7 inches in diameter.

Yellow Lotus for Sale

Yellow Lotus

There are 2 yellow lotus flowers for sale. Here they are:

  • Yellow Lutea Lotus

This kind of lotus flowers will bloom up to 11 inches in diameter which has from 22 to 25 yellow petals with slightly lighter. It can reach several inches above the leaves and can carry a slight fragrance.

  • Perry’s Giant Sunburst Lotus

The Perry’s Giant Sunburst Lotus will grow 4-6 feet. The leaves size is 16-18 inches, the flowers size is 10-12 inches with free pleasant fragrance and free flowering.

More Info: Lotus Flower Colors and Meanings Chart Details

Well, those are all lotus flowers for sale that you can find at Sunland Water Gardens. You can also visit the official site of Sunland Water Gardens at https://sunlandwatergardens.com/aquatic-plants/lotus-plants/.

2. Golden Pond

The second Plant Center that you can find in California is Golden Pond Water Plants. This plant center is located at 3275 Sierra College Blvd. Loomis, CA 95650 916-652-LILY (5459). They offer plenty of aquatic plants and pond nursery. They totally have more than 200 varieties of aquatic and terrestrial plants for ponds.

Aside from Lotus flower, they also offer for:

  • Oxygenates (Oxygenators)
  • Marginal aquatics
  • Trees and shrubs for wet sites
  • Unusual perennials
  • Bog-loving perennials
  • Filtration plants
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Floating plants
  • Day and night blooming tropical water lilies

They also supply gardeners throughout Northern California and the Sacramento Region including Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Loomis, Roseville, Arden-Arcade & Rocklin, and surrounding cities.

You can also find them at their official site at https://goldenpondwaterplants.com/freshwater-aquatic-plants/.

3. San Diego Pond and Garden

You can also get the lotus flowers from San Diego Pond and Garden which is located at 12257 Old Pomerado Rd Poway, CA 92064 Phone: 858-486-0033. They are the specialist of aquatic plants including lotus, lily, shallow water plants, floating water plants, and submerged plants. The lotus flowers which are sold in this Plant Center have plenty of varieties.

Lotus flowers will begin to sprout and grow several weeks later than water lilies, especially when the water begins to warm up. Of course, you can get the lotus flowers at San Diego Pond and Garden in California. You can also visit their official site at http://www.sdpondandgarden.com/Pond-Plants/Lotus-p-824.html.

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