White Christmas Caladium Easy Care

Caladium are included in the Araceae family, this plant is a tropical plant that thrives when the rainy season arrives in areas that have good soil moisture. It has a heart shape that is simple and natural look but beautiful with long petioles and has various colors, such as white, green that combine with tricolor on the surface, red, and other.

This caladium looks very charming with a variety of colors, especially white christmas caladium as my opinion it is very elegant, it is so suitable to be used as decorative plant so that the scenery of your room or out of home will be more cheer even if you put in any space. Then there is any special trick so that this caladium can grow well. Here some tricks you are able to do:

White Christmas Caladium
White Christmas Caladium

Soil moisture that you need to provide

soil mixture with fertilizer

Make sure that the soil you use is sufficiently moist and has a suitable pH in a slightly acidic 5 to 6.2. Give the soil mixture with fertilizer such as compost or peat.

Light intensity

This plant is better placed in indirect sunlight, although it requires light but if exposed to direct heat for a relatively long time, it will wither dry and die. If you put them as indoor plant, take it out to have sunlight for about a few hours then take it back to the first space. If you are doing this continuesly, it will make this white caladium plant more beautiful.


Caladium that has thrive so much in a pot can be propagated so that the bulbs grow or else this plant will not grow properly.


Provide compost can be an option to apply to this caladium or you can provide fertilizer that contains special vitamins for leaves grow.

Watering technique

Plant Watering Technique

You are able to water the plant that adapted to soil conditions, water once a day, don’t let the soil too dry out and too wet which causes root rot that can be seen by appearance of wilted leaves.

Actually they way you care for this plant is not that difficult for those who live in the areas that have two seasons like rainy and the summer. And mostly lot of caladiums have the same maintenance to make them grow well as long as you follow the tips above.

Happy planting!

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