Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck vs Original

There are a lot of variations of Hydrangea. Two of the most popular are Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck and Hydrangea Endless Summer Original. If you are interested in getting one of them and are wondering which one is best, here is the comparison of these two.

Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck

Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck is included in the bigleaf category of Hydrangea bushes. Everything in this category has the color of the flowers which is famously determined by the pH level of the soil. As you can guess from its name, it is also part of the Endless Summer series. Everyone knows the whole series because it is known as the reblooming Hydrangea. Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck can produce large flower heads with mophead style. The sizes vary, ranging from 3.5 to 5 inches across. What makes this one more attractive is the reddish purple branches and dark green leaves.

The hydrangea endless summer bloomstruck

Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck does not really need maintenance, as long as you are fine about the flower color. There is no need of pruning other than removing the dead, diseased, or the winter damaged branches or removing the branches that bother the others or the ones that jut out in a way that spoils the overall shape of the shrub.

As a class, Hydrangea macrophylla is sensitive to the plant diseases, including the bacterial wilt, leaf spot, blight, and powdery mildew, even though the Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck is a bit tolerant when it comes to the powdery mildew compared to the other ones. You can fix the powdery mildew though liberal spacing (the one that promotes the better air circulation) and by avoiding overhead watering. If you want to avoid overhead watering, you can place the nozzle of the garden hose down at soil level instead when you are watering.

The biggest enemies are insect pests and aphids. For those who are facing this case, you will need to make an inspection to the undersides of the leaves to see if the aphids find the way to your plants. To help you get rid of the aphids, you can spray the Neem oil as soon as you see the existence of them.

Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck can grow well in partial sun at the southern end of its range. There are more choices in the north. It is good at tolerating the full sun as long as you keep the soil moist at all times. If not, then growing it in partial shade is better.

When it comes to the soil, you are encouraged to enrich the ground, which can be done by mixing in some amounts of decomposed organic matter. You are also better to improve its drainage at the same time.

If you grow the Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck in partial shade, it needs average water, especially in the north. The soil will get the help from the mulch to retain the needed moisture.

Hydrangea Endless Summer Original

Hydrangea Endless Summer Original is the name of the first variation of the hydrangea to bloom on both branches of the previous year and the growth of the new season. In the summer, the shrub blesses everyone’s eyes with beautiful blue or pink flowers. Apparently, the color of the blooms depends on the soil pH. You are able to change it by using an acid fertilizer in the early spring. The compact size of the shrub that is 4 feet tall and wide is suitable for almost any landscape. It is such a perfect superior accent or specimen plant. It is also a good choice for flower arrangements.

The hydrangea endless summer original

Taking care of Hydrangea Endless Summer Original is relatively easy. It can grow well in soil with well drainage and is full of nutrients. Even though it is not really needed, you can prune the Hydrangea Endless Summer Original in the early spring. Besides, you can also remove any winter damaged or dead stems throughout the year. You are actually not suggested to prune during the growing season. However, if you want, you can do it after the first flush of blooms. Due to the fact that Hydrangea Endless Summer Original blooms on both old and new wood, pruning will not prevent the shrub from flowering at the same time. To keep the moisture of the soil, you are advised to give a layer of organic mulch. Another thing to add is the nutrients. In addition, it is also good to protect the plant in the cold winter months. Hydrangea Endless Summer Original can tolerate full sun and is good to partial shade, although the best one is in partial shade. You will have to water it regularly, at least once each week. However, it is a must for you to make sure that the soil does not stay wet.

Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck vs Hydrangea Endless Summer Original

Hydrangea Endless Summer

Category Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea Endless Summer Original
Common Name BloomStruck  Hydrangea Endless Summer The Original Hydrangea Endless Summer
Scientific Name Hydrangea macrophylla P11HM-11 Bloomstruck Hydrangea macrophylla Bailmer – Endless Summer
Brand Endless Summer Hydrangea Endless Summer Hydrangea
USDA Zones 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b
Average Size 3-4’ H x 4-5’ W 4’ H x 4’ W
Sun Exposure Part sun to part shade Part sun to part shade
Features Disease tolerant, flowering, multi-color Attracts birds and butterflies, disease tolerant, flowering, reblooming
Uses Accent, container, foundation, hedge Accent, container, foundation, hedge

You should be able to decide which one is best between the Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck and Hydrangea Endless Summer Original by reading this comparison. So, which one do you think is the best and which one do you like the most? If you think the comparison is not clear and you need more, you might want to visit the communities or forums related to flowers and ask the members of the communities or forums about these two.

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