Causes, Prevention and Fixing Snake Plant Leaves Falling Over

Are your Snake Plant leaves falling over? Here, we are going to explain the cause, prevention and fixing the Snake Plant leaves falling over. Always keep staying on this page.

Why are the Snake Plant leaves falling over?

A striking feature of the Snake Plants is its pointy, erect leaves that grow from 8” inches to 5’ feet tall. Usually, the home gardeners complain about their Snake Plant leaves falling over or bending randomly. So, why are the Snake Plant leaves falling over? We are sure that you also want to know its cause.

Based on the research, the Snake Plant leaves falling caused by overwatering, lighting problems or incorrect repotting practices. Similar with other types of succulent plants, the Snake Plant stores water in its leaves. This makes the Snake Plant flourish in its native dry environment. Need to know that the Snake Plant dislikes wet and will suffer from root rot if overwatered or the soil is not well drained.

Snake Plant leaves falling over

Another cause of the Snake Plant leaves falling over is the lighting problem. You may place your Snake Plant in areas without any light for prolonged time periods. Although the Snake Plants are very strong and grow well without being exposed to direct sunlight, the extended absence from bright light or exposure to intense direct light will cause the Snake Plant leaves to fall over.

If there are no watering or lighting problems with your Snake Plant, the reason for the Snake Plant leaves falling over might be the root bound which is caused by incorrect repotting. Usually, repotting more frequently than 3 to 5 years. Or, placing the Snake Plant in a pot too large also leads to rotting roots.

What Damage Does It Cause?

The Snake Plant leaves falling over is an indication of an underlying issue with the plant.

  • The Snake Plant roots, when over-watered, will become soggy and thirsty for the much-needed oxygen and also nutrients from the soil.
  • The rotten roots will affect the overall health of the plant, spreading to the healthier roots as well.
  • The fungus in the poorly-drained soil will develop due to over-watering and kill the roots.
  • The Snake Plant roots are usually firm and black or pale in color, whereas the rotten roots are mushy, soggy, and blackish-brown in color.
  • While the roots remain buried, the Snake Plant leaves falling over is a sign of rot.
  • The Snake Plant will also undergo a damaging root condition named root bound. As the name suggests, the issue happens when the Snake Plant roots are restricted or bound by a barrier.
  • If grown outdoors, footer, walls, or piping can act as a barrier. As a result, the leaves of Snake Plant will fall over to indicate stunted growth.

How to prevent your Snake Plant leaves falling over?

Here are some preventions the Snake Plant leaves falling over:

  • You have to keep the soil moist, however not wet. Please be careful in watering the Snake Plant, as it can go a long way.
  • You should water the Snake Plant when 2“ – 3” inches of the soil is dry to touch.
  • The Snake Plants which are exposed to the partial sun need more frequent watering.
  • You have to water the Snake Plant once every 2-3 weeks. Remember that you have to stop watering once the water runs through the drainage hole of the container.
  • You have to water your Snake Plant once a month during winter months. Please ensure that the pot has drainage holes.
  • The Snake Plant care includes a fast-draining potting mix or a regular potting soil that combined with coarse sand added to a pot one size larger.
  • You have to expose the indoor Snake Plant to the southern window during winter. An east-facing window is very suitable for the rest of the year.
  • If the Snake Plant has developed rotten roots, you have to wash and trim the rotten roots and then place in a new pot with good drainage.
  • You have to prune the drooping leaves.
  • You have to avoid adding any fertilizer to the pot until the Snake Plant roots have restored their health.

Fixing the Snake Plant leaves falling over

What can you do about the Snake Plant leaves falling over? For this case, you are able to prune and propagate. You will be able to cut up the Snake Plant leaf into smaller sections if you want.

  • Firstly, you have to cut the Snake Plant leaf all the way down to the soil line. Please ensure that your pruners are clean and sharp to avoid a jagged cut or infection.
  • You are able to cut the bottom 5 – 10″ off of the Snake Plant leaves. How much depends on how thin the bases of the Snake Plant leaves are.
  • You have to take off those weak lower portions. Please ensure to make clean cuts straight across.

Also, you are able to propagate the lower leaf sections if you want. In this case, you have to ensure to put the ends which were growing out of the soil into the propagation mix, not the other end which you cut the top portions off of.

Because the Snake Plant leaves contain a lot of water, let the bottoms heal over for two  days before planting. Of course, you want the stems to heal off so that the cut ends callus over and also protect them from rotting out while propagating.

For note: Spring and summer are the best times for propagation. To do that, you are able to put the leaf back in the pot. Also, you are able to put it in a separate pot filled with succulent and cactus mix. Either way, you will need to stake the leaf so that it stays standing while the roots form and it can stay upright on its own. Let the mix stay dry for 3-5 days.


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