Olive Trees Underplanted with Lavender are Best Companion

Do you have olive trees in your garden and you want to plant another plant as the companion for your olive trees? But, the important thing that you need to note if you want to plant another plant with olive trees is to know what plants that you should plant which can be the best companion for your olive trees.

Lavender Can be Underplanted with Olive Trees

If you want to plant another plant for your olive trees’ companion, the plant must be able to improve the health of your olive tree. Besides, the plant also needs to have the same water needs and they are not fragile for dropping olive fruits. To make your garden gorgeous, of course you need to choose the right plant combinations for your olive trees. As explained on Oliviadaolive.com, you are able to create balance and harmonize sizes, colors, and the shapes of leaves in your landscape.

Olive Trees and Lavender

Lavender is one of the plants which can be the best companion with your olive trees. Lavender has a fragrant aroma and it can attract pollination for your plants. Besides, lavender is also an excellent herb which can build up variety in your backyard and create a magical landscape. Besides being the best companion plants for your olive trees, lavender also can make an amazing addition to your landscape and it has a lot of culinary uses.

The Other Plants to be Underplanted with Olive Trees

Besides Lavender, what plants can be underplanted with olive trees? According to oliviadaolive.com, here are the best companion plants for olive trees.

The first plants which are the best companion for your olive trees are the plants which can prevent or lure away harmful bugs. For your information, olive trees are vulnerable to pests like aphids, scale insects and other bugs. So, you have to choose plants that can prevent or lure away harmful unwanted bugs. Those are marigolds, petunias, borage, and nasturtium.

  • Marigolds

These plants are a good combination for olive trees. It is because they are adaptable easily, low maintenance and they are able to withstand hot summers. The smell of marigolds can drive away a lot of unwanted insects. So, they will not only protect, but also they will give you beautiful yellow or orange flowers.

  • Petunias

These plants are the other plants which can be good companions for your olive trees. Petunias can be found in every color and the way to care for them is very easy and simple. These plants also have features to prevent common olive tree pests.

  • Borage

It is a herb plant which also has the ability to prevent olive trees from pests. It also can attract pollinating bees. For your information, all parts of borage are tasty and they have culinary uses. The blue starry flowers of Borage can be used to decorate salads. You are also able to add cucumber flavored leaves of Borage into your tea or other beverages.

  • Nasturtium

These plants are easy to grow and they are edible. They can be used to lure aphids away from your olive tree which is planted beside it.

The other types of plants which can be underplanted with olive trees are plants which can attract the right bugs. Those plants are listed below.

  • Yarrow

This is a carefree plant with little need. However, this plant is commonly used as a medical herb that can treat minor wounds, reduce fever and more. It also can attract lacewings and ladybugs which can feed on aphids.

  • Dill or Fennel

This plant is not only a popular herb, but it is also good to be underplanted with olive trees. This plant can help to charm ladybugs or lacewings which eat aphids.

  • Lemon Balm

This plant has a bushy and leafy impression for your garden. With its lemony scent and tiny white flowers, it attracts wasps and tachinid fly that can kill harmful caterpillars from your olive tree.

  • Parsley and Tansy

Parsley can make a lovely edging herb plant. The curly foliage that is owned by this plant can  invite good flies and wasps to kill dangerous predators for your olive trees and other plants.

Another plant to be underplanted with olive trees is a plant which can build up minerals. Those are peas and alfalfa.

  • Peas and Alfalfa

Peas are beautiful as plants and they can also leak nitrogen into the ground which can give benefits to your hungry olive trees. You can let your legumes nurture for a while to build up nitrogen and then gather peas and cut them back to the ground to give it into the soil.

Classic Mediterranean Herbs are other plants that can be underplanted with olive plants. Those are lavender, thyme, oregano, basil, chives, bay leaves, fennel, sage, savory, tarragon, saffron, mint, marjoram and many more.

  • Thyme

This plant can be used for culinary and decorative uses. This plant is easy to grow and flourish well under olive trees.

  • Oregano

Oregano is usually used for authentic Greek dishes. Oregano is valued by every Greek family and it grows everywhere such as in pots indoors, in the kitchen and under the olive tree.

Besides the plants above, other plants that you are able to use to be planted are listed below.

  • Bulbs

These plants are annual plants and they can bloom during spring and summer. In winter, they will be dormant. These plants can use collected space and have huge stunning flowers.

  • Succulents

These plants are adaptable and they are able to be one of the most favorite options to be underplanted with olive trees. Succulents are small plants so that you are able to mix and match a lot of different varieties.

  • Santolina

This plant is one of the Mediterranean evergreen subshrubs which can be good for hot, dry summer and full sun. This plant can grow easily and it suits various soils. Santolina is suitable with silver green olive oil leaves color.

  • Germander

This plant is drought, soil and exposure tolerant. This plant blooms flowers which are like lavender.

  • Bunch Grasses

These plants grow in clumps or tufts. They have a decorative purpose for your garden. So, it can be a good companion for your olive tree.


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