14 Best Plants for Terrarium You Should Know

Have you ever seen a tiny plant in a glass container? That’s a terrarium. Terrarium itself is an ornamental plant art. What makes it different is that the media is not a pot like in general, but with transparent glass or plastic. Maintaining ornamental plants is very good for our mental health. But not only that, making a terrarium is also a way to improve our creativity.

Terrarium has become an interesting way to maintain ornamental plants. It offers an alternative and a different sensation of ornamental plants than usual. If so far ornamental plants are only planted in pots. So with the terrarium method, growing ornamental plants is more exciting and challenging.

Best Plants for Terrarium

Mini plants and foliage plants work best in a terrarium. Other plants that grow slowly can also be an option. When choosing plants for a terrarium, it is recommended to choose plants that are small enough and fit in the terrarium container, preferably not touching the sides of the glass. How to make sure? Try to bring the container when you want to buy ornamental plants so that the measurements are more accurate.

These are some plants for terrariums tend to be easy to grow and minimal maintenance:

  1. Succulent

With a cactus-like character, succulents are also suitable for planting in open terrarium media. Types of succulents are quite diverse, including aloe vera. This plant is a thickened organ plant. It is fleshy and swollen. It can store water so it can withstand dry conditions.

  1. Mother-in-law’s Tounge

Mother-in-law’s tongue is tough to withstand heat. It can grow with minimal water. Mother-in-law’s tongue is also an ornamental plant that is good for health. Because it is able to clean the dirty air. As a terrarium plant, its maintenance is not too complicated. Remember the terrarium does not need frequent and excessive watering. That’s why plants like mother-in-law’s tongue are very suitable. Try!

  1. Cactus

Cactus has been very well known as a heat-resistant plant. It doesn’t really need water to grow. Desert is the original habitat of this plant. Therefore it is quite hardy if grown in an open terrarium because it does not require a lot of water to grow.

  1. Pilea microphylla

Artillery ferns (Pilea microphylla) are not ferns (ferns), but are members of the Pilea family. This plant is called artillery ferns because it shoots its seeds with a popping sound, which is sometimes quite a distance away. Despite these explosive properties, this plant is soft and has a beautiful texture. Pilea microphylla is suitable for moderate to bright light environments.

  1. Pilea Cadierei

This plant likes low to moderate light and warm temperatures. The leaves have almost iridescent white markings so they look shiny and beautiful. Pilea Cadierei grows quite fast. So, if you choose it as a plant for your terrarium, you may need to prune it regularly. This plant is also easy to breed. Just take a small piece of root and plant it in moist soil. Mini plants and foliage plants work best in a terrarium.

  1. Polka Dot Plant

Hypoestes phyllostachya or polka dot plant has a cheerful appearance and comes in pink, red, and silver varieties. These plants are easy to care for, but may need pruning if they are too tall or long. If you want to make it a plant for your terrarium, be sure to place the polka dot plant in an environment with bright light and direct sunlight.

  1. Prayer Plant

Maranta leuconeura or prayer plant (prayer plant) is an amazing plant. It is given the name “prayer plant” because its leaves fold at night as if they are praying. It is easy to tell if the plant is not getting enough light because the leaves will fold, even during the day. This plant likes a warm environment. So, do not place it in the corners of the house that are too cold or cool. Let this plant get indirect sunlight

  1. Betel Ivory

This ornamental plant will also look very beautiful and extraordinary as a plant for a terrarium. Betel ivory is known as an ornamental plant that is hardy, not easily damaged, and may grow better in a controlled terrarium environment. If you choose this plant, prune it regularly to keep the plant from being unruly and looking beautiful for years. For people who are not too diligent in caring for plants, ivory betel can be an option because it requires relatively bit water.

  1. Peperomia

Peperomia caperata or peperomia generally has green leaves or leaves with a beautiful red tinge. This slow growing plant is also suitable as a plant for a terrarium. Peperomia also sometimes produces beautiful-looking flower spikes. If you’re lucky, the flowers can add some vibrant color to your terrarium.

  1. Baby tears

This is a tiny plant with many common names, including Polluyana vina, mother of thousands to Corsican’s curse. The word “curse” or curse was probably taken because under the right conditions, this plant can grow so thick that it interferes with or takes over an entire garden area. However, as a plant for a terrarium, baby tears will grow quite well and beautifully and grow relatively slowly.

  1. Button Fern

The button fern or Pellaea rotundifolia is a hardy plant and has a high tolerance for drought. The leaves are delicate and look elegant at the same time. If you want to make it a plant for your terrarium, be sure to water it regularly once a week and place it in an environment with full, filtered light.

  1. Creeping Fig

This plant leaf has small, creeping leaves with a heart-shaped variety and alluring. This plant is very suitable to be placed in a terrarium. Dollar leaf is a vine, so we need to arrange it to keep the growth on track. These plants are interesting to try in a larger terrarium. If you want to keep it, just water it occasionally and place it in an environment that gets full or partial sun.

  1. Puring

Croton or puring ornamental plants can add a sparkling impression to our terrarium. This plant has glossy, thick leaves, and comes in a variety of stunning colors. Gold dust croton, for example, is a variety with narrow leaves and a golden tinge, depending on the cultivar. Although not known as a plant for terrariums, this plant can work very well when grown in an open jar terrarium.

  1. Fittonia

With strikingly patterned leaves, Fittonia is an ornamental plant that must be selected. The treatment is also quite young. Can come to terms with a variety of lighting. This plant prefers to be in a humid environment. However, although it is easy to maintain, it requires frequent maintenance.

Plants originating from South America are tropical rain forest plants that act as ground covers under tree canopies. Fittonia does not like direct sun, so it is more suitable to be planted in a closed terrarium

6 Easy Ways to Take Care of Ornamental Plants in Terrarium Containers

  1. Watered Regularly
  2. Meet the Sun’s Needs
  3. Pruning Plants
  4. Provide Fertilizer
  5. Adding Planting Media
  6. Get Rid of Pests and Diseases

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